Friday, July 29, 2011

Big Changes

Wow have things changed since September 2009. I know that I dropped off the face of the earth rather sudden, and I do apologize for that. You get certain feelings, or rather lack thereof, when you lose your job, go on numerous interviews and still have nothing for almost a year. Thankfully, I was able to finally get a job when one of my boss' decided to ask my ex-boss better qustions while interviewing me. She asked the right questions, got the right answers and I was hired. I have been gainfully employed now about a year and a half (yay!). Needless to say, things are picking back up (finally) and I'm trying to get myself back on track. Please don't think of me as a fairweather friend....I just didn't want to be all doom and gloom in my posts and that's all they would have been.

News on the horsie front, we have a baby!! Unfortunately, our solid old mare Sis began to have serious breathing problems the winter of 09/10 when it was so frigidly cold. As the weather became more mild, she was ok again, but when it was so humid and hot, she started having the problems so bad she couldn't walk a couple steps and have to stop andn gasp for air. We tried steroid injections to open up her air passage, but the vet said she was too old and it was probably her time. He gave us other treatment options, but with her age, he said everything was too stresfull for her. We made the decision to put her down :(, took a bunch of farewell pictures, cried endlessly, and she's buried at the farm where we board.

I thought we had made the decision to wait on looking at new horses when about 3 months later, a horse presented herself to us. She also came with a little surprise. In April we have a nice, strong, rambunctious little filly. As we board our horses, we got the call about 7:30 in the morning. The barn owners said you got a baby, we don't know what yet because it's running all around and kicking up a storm. Everyone was saying she looked like she was a 3 week old already. Nicely formed, good strong bones, and muscles all over. She's a pistole. We tried thinking of names for about 4 weeks (yes, it took that long) and came up with a few good names, until people would automatically shorten the name as soon as they started using it. We really liked Coconut, but the first words were "awww, Coco!" No. I wanted Cocnut. So eventually we came up with Raelyn. My hubby likes the tv show Justified, and my middle name is Rae, so it just kind of came to that. Here are a few pics :)

We have the funniest video of her a few days after she was born. She loved the sound of her hooves on the stall mats. So every time we were picking through the stall and would push some aside, she would go jumping and running around the stall, kicking her heels up. It was too funny.

Anyhow, I hope everyone I used to spy on (aka visit blogs) is doing good and well and having their own bright spots in their lives. Drop by again some time, and note that I will be doing the same.

(Side note: Laughing Orca Ranch, I have not forgotten you. I had your scrapbook pages done shortly after the quiz, and I have them here still with me. I will get them out to you some day, with an extra treat for your patience with me.)


Mrs Mom said...

Well I'll Be Darned! Was just thinking about you the other day, wondering how things were! Wicked happy to see you back! Congrats on the job, the new mare and lovely baby!!!! So very sorry to hear of the loss of your old mare too.

Looking forward to catching back up. Been lots going on all over- quite the year for a lot of folks it seems!

Leah Fry said...

Dang, girl, I was wondering what happened to you, but I know exactly what you mean. We went thru employment woes with my husband. We were lucky that he was at least able to get contract work, but he did that for 2 years for 3 companies before he finally got hired as an actual employee. The employment scene is brutal, and the saddest part is that employers are now showing prejudice against those who have been out of work for so long. Like it's their fault!

Cute baby — what a nice surprise.

I'm sure it's hard getting back into blogging, but hope to see you around the blogosphere.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh wow!

This is so weird. I was going over and reading some old posts of mine and saw one of your comments. You always left me the best comments...and I was missing you an wondering what happened to you. So I clicked your profile and voila! You had posted not too long ago.

Hooray! You're still around and life is good for you again. I'm so happy for you!
I'm sorry about the loss of your old mare, but congrats on your new horse and the little surprise bun in the oven. How exciting!
Any updates on the baby?

How're the kids doing?

I had forgotten about the scrapbook pages, and I've not scrapbooked in a coupla years now, so don't worry about that, ok?

I'm just happy to see you posting again!


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