Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And the winner is.......

.....Miss Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch!!!! By default of being the only one to attempt to answer, but also for getting a wonderful 11 answers right, thank you Lisa for being a sport and attempting my quiz. Just let me know which prize you'd like to claim and I will attempt to get it to you asap.

Here are the answers:

1. 8

2. 2 horses, 3 dogs and 3 fish (I forgot I never posted about the black algae eater we acquired a few months back).

3. Our 161 lb mastiff/akita's nickname is....big dog

4. Favorite breed - good answer Lisa, I've always liked Fjords too

5. ezra_pandora for my google name, and basically all my email addresses too, was from my first dog, a chow/boarder collie mix. We were playing with her at the humane society when she was a puppy and I had to have her. Ezra just popped into my head, even though it's a boys name, although I argue because aside from Joshua and a few other biblical names, I don't think there are hardly any boys names compared to the endless girls names that end with "a" or the "uh" sound. Contrary to popular belief, she was NOT named after the band Better Than Ezra, which I had not heard of at the time. Anyhow. I decided to give her a middle name and pandora's box was always my favorite mythology tale. So there you have it!

6. Sonny's Hot and Sassie

7. A purple knitted hat (from Lisa) and Ouchies (from Funky Monkey), and English Toffee

8. A dapple gray angel horse

9. Two. A Black Widow and my Paint Horse mare

10. My 57 Cadillac

11. I posted around last Halloween about some of the scary or ESP or ghostly experiences that have happened in my family from my grandma dreaming of my uncle's death, to a light in our living room turning on, to toys turning on in my boys' bed to the rocking chair in my mom's room moving across the room.

12. Sharp Shooter Award for his astounding sniper skills

13. Las Vegas at the Little Church of the West

14. everyone knows you're from Ohio if you go to the Cracker Barrel in the South and order toast.

15. A Picture is worth 1000 words in this case:

Isn't that a beauty?? Aren't the Percherons absolutely breathtaking? I love them so much. We went to the free fair this past weekend and the barn owner's son was asked to drive the horse drawn hearse with two of their black Percheron in the parade. Then a little later in the parade was the barn owner in a Shriner carriage with two more black Percheron.

Before that parade, I didn't know the barn owner was a Shriner and has been for 48 years, I believe he said. In the 2 hour parade, over 1/2 the parade was Shriner's from all over the country. I'm going to do a separate post because I never knew too much about Shriners, but I'll go into that when I post about the parade. Some neat stuff in there.

So there you have it! The answers to my insignificant little post that Lisa was kind enough to try to answer and win herself a prize for my 100th post :) But she hasn't told me yet what she would like, so I'm waiting for that :)


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yay! I don't think your quiz was insignificant at all, my friend. It was a great way to see how well we all know you and have been paying attention, too. I found that for most of the questions, I didn't even have to go in and look for the answers in your archive, so that was pretty cool. I suppose my almost 43 yr old brain isn't too jello like yet. lol!
This was fun, and as for my choice of prize, just surprise me! I will admit that I haevn't done any scrapbooking for over 3 yrs. Heck, since using my digital camera, I haven't even printed a photo in I don't even know how long. lol!

But if you decide you'd like to surprise me with scrapbook layouts, I prefer earthy colors (no pastels or brights) and I'm not into the bulky stuff anymore, like eyelets and metal objects. I love hand made stuff, though. :)

Whatever you decide to send, I know I'l love it.....because it's from YOU! :D


Mrs Mom said...


I wanted to play Ezra, but I ran out of time to do the research (cause my memory... it sux moose.)

LOVE those Percherons too... absolutely beautiful.

ezra_pandora said...

Lisa: Thanks :)) I would love to do scrapbook pages for you if you don't mind :) Something I can make and is more personal and won't be gone in two days, lol! Although I'm sure you'd like the choclate toffee just as well. It is delicious. Don't worry, I don't like 2 inch thick pages with a lot of embellishment stuff either.

Mrs Mom: I know, it's summer too, so I'm sure everyone was pretty busy. I definitely know that I have been!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Oh my gosh! I'm sorry I didn't get over here to play.

Congrats to Lisa!

The Percherons are beautiful. I don't know what it is about a nice team, but they sure do make all of us drool.:)


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