Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So many things

Well, horses got moved to the new barn Sunday evening without incident and settled into their stalls. Thankfully there weren't too many people around to butt in and ask nosey questions. Anyone we actually care to talk to from there has our phone numbers and have/can call us to ask. The barn owner (at the old barn) was quite smug thinking that he was going to trap me into something I think. My dad and I were cleaning out the stalls before my hubby and the trailer arrived. The barn owner came over and said "So, where you guys going to?" We know he already knew, and besides that, the tone of his voice told me too. I said the name and that was it, while I continued working. I wasn't going to be nasty or rude, but I surely wasn't going to be holding a long drawn out explanation of anything. He doesn't deserve one. He's like "Oh" in a flat voice, again telling me he already knew. Then he says "You know, I've known their kids for a really long time. We all grew up together and they showed with my son. Yeah, we're good friends." I just said "Uh huh." Now I know who told him we were moving and to where. That's fine, I really didn't care as long as the things at that barn that we didn't like, weren't happening at the new barn. That was all he said. Then as we were pulling out, he yelled out "Bye! Tell Kelly (one of new barn owners daughters) I said hi!!" Yeah, whatever dude. If you're such good friends, call her up and tell her hi yourself. I'm so glad to be out of there.

So far so good at the new barn. We walked the girls around the aisles and in the indoor arena (it was raining so we didn't go outside) so they can get used to all the new and different stuff. I tried lunging my mare and darn it if she isn't back to her old trick of not lunging to the left. After all that freaking work I did to get her going last time. I guess I'm going to have to buy myself a nice little lunge whip, since I haven't seen any communal ones at the new barn, and go back to that. Then I'll have to make sure to keep up on that. Then the ding dong, I had her tied to her stall and I knew the tie was a little loose, but she was doing ok and I was right there. Sure enough, I lean down for 1/2 a second to grab a different brush and she gets the tie over her neck and starts flipping out. It was only a second before I could get her to stop rearing enough and reached over to pull the quick release. She settled down right away, but so embarrassing to have everyone peaking around the corner to stare. They probably thinks we're dumb. lol Oh well. Then yesterday we gave our older girl a much much needed bath. She somehow has something on her back and above her tail bone that looks like rain rot. How the HECK she got that I have no idea since she hasn't been anywhere where she's gotten wet and she never got rode hard enough to get sweaty. And we always make sure to brush them good after we ride too. So I have no idea where the heck it came from. The new barn has hot water!! yay!! She was so scared to go into the water stall though, and she's never hesitant to do anything. I think because she didn't see a way out except the opening. I don't know HOW we're going to get my mare in there without major incident. I'm thinking of trying to back her in rather than walk in and turn her around and risk her getting goofy and slipping. There's about a 2 inch step down, but that shouldn't be a big deal. My mare whinnied like there was no tomorrow when we took our other mare out to wash and not her. The guy barn owner looked at us and said hmmm, maybe we'll be moving one of them for awhile, she's too attached. I told him the funny thing is, they've been stalled 4 stalls apart for the last two years until the week and 1/2 before we moved! My mare gets attached to whoever is next to her. Always has been. The worst part is that her whinny is SO high pitched. It's really loud. lol

The GREAT news is that the owner is digging up the smaller pasture right outside the indoor arena because he's thinking of making an outdoor arena. I was jumping for joy. It will be really nice so that I can get my mare used to riding outside, but still have some sort of confinement in case I come off :)) We definitely feel that we made the right move. It was so funny, when we first put the mares in their stalls, they have two draft percherons stalled behind them that were looking up over the tops of the stalls. They are a good 18 hands at least. Our mares look like minis trying to look up to see them!! lol They have an 8 horse, all completely black percheron hitch. It is too cool. Two of the percherons have babies :)) And apparently there is someone in town close by that has a black horse drawn hurse for funerals. That is SO how I want to be taken around after I die. Way too cool. I think I'll ride my girl tomorrow and see how she does. I've lunged her and walked her around enough the past two days to let her see everything, hopefully it will be an uneventful ride. Hopefully.

Aside from that, the job search is still going. I didn't get a second call back from the place I interviewed with, so that was disappointing, and no calls yet from the other two prospective places. I have been able to get a LOT of reading done, which I hadn't been able to do in a long loooooong time, so that's nice. The boys are liking the frequent trips to the library. Unfortunately my younger son didn't pass the evaluation for kindergarten and it was highly recommended we didn't enroll him for that, but for a preK class they offer. I would rather him start late than struggle and hate school or be held back at the end though. Him and I will be working diligently this summer on stuff. I guess we just made a series of bad choices in daycares. They tended to focus on his behavior rather than learning, which sucked.

I think I'm going slightly crazy though not having the mental stimulation of work. I frequently have trouble getting and staying asleep and I find myself thinking about the most ridiculous things. I would think reading and doing things with my boy would wear me out, but it just doesn't. I don't know what else to do. I'm loving my time off, but my mind is going a little silly sometimes.

It's raining here, again. Thankfully it's just a little bit and steady, not torrential pouring like last year. Thankfully the new barn didn't flood any last year like the old barn did. So that won't be a problem. My son has had a bit of a temperature the past two days, but he's feeling ok enough to run around the house making me crazy. I think we'll go to the mall today to let him play on the playground to run off some energy. lol And I can get a nice sweet lemonade.


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I'm glad you and your horses made the move!

Good luck on your job search, now that you have the horses settled you need to get you settled!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Well, at least you hopefully won't have to deal with barn politics anymore-whew.

LMAO at the previous barn owner. Yea dude...most horse people "know" lots of other horse people. If he was such good friends, he wouldn't need to tell you to say Hi for him. Of course, I'm kind of a brat that way, so I would tell the new barn people "hi" from him just to watch their expressions.

Good luck with the job hunting. I know what ya mean about your brain getting a little silly when you are used to working and then aren't.

Leah Fry said...

Nice to hear from you, and that you've found a friendlier place to hang out with your horses. Hope you get some good barn buddies like mine!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I can't remember how old your youngest is, but you shouldn't worry about those silly evaluations. They are just for the average kid and follow the school's ideals of how the average kids should develop.
Kids aren't average. They are all individuals and develop at their own pace, in their own time. He will be where he is supposed to be when he is ready. There is plenty of time for school and schedules and desk learning. Childhood is fleeting. It will probably do him well to have more time to grow and mature anyway.

Silly horses pulling bak and rearing. Scary, too! Good thing the barn is built sturdy and doesn't have rails that can break quickly, like what happened with me and my mare.
Sometimes there no time to pull loose a quick release knot or it's too dangerous to get close enough to do it. *shiver*

Sounds like the barn move was a good one. I look forward to see how much happier you all will be there.

You made me smile about your mare's loud whinnying. My neighbor's gelding sounds like an elephant in musth when one of his mares is out being ridden. lol!


Roxmysox said...

Lol - I agree with Bec - I would just have to tell them so I could watch the reaction. The thing with the horse world is that everyone "knows" everyone - that is not to say they are best buddies.
I envy you the wash stalls - we bath horses in the yard with the hosepipe and everyone gets wet ( especially if we do Harvey because he shakes like a dog !)
Glad to hear that you are settling in and looking forward to getting an arena.

ezra_pandora said...

Melissa: I'm glad too and am ready to get settled into SOMEthing. lol

BEC: I know there will be barn politics here too, as in almost every boarding barn, but as far as we've been warned, it's all family matters. That I think we can stay out of fairly easy. Or we will be trying hard to. lol I know the old BO told me to say hi to the new one just because he was trying to yank my chain. But when we got there, I did tell the wife BO he said HI to the girl and she just laughed and said only her and no one else huh?

LF: I hope we meet some boarders. We've only seen ONE since we've gotten there! lol My little guy did make a little girl friend though. She spent no time getting up on the haywagons and jumping around. lol

LOR: He's 5 now. I guess I'm selfish. I was really upset mainly because there's always been competition with my brother and I since we were kids. He's 13 mo. older than me and was always the "perfect" one. Well, when we had kids, we both had one at the same time and they are only 6 days apart. It's always been "well mine's doing THIS now" and "oh yeah, well mine does THIS." It's stupid, I know and I really don't partake in it, but my dad fuels the fires and makes sure we're always up to date on what my nephew's doing. It really irks me and I don't want my little guy looked down on becuase he's not as smart as the nephew. Well, he's definitely tougher, and I'm not going to say not as smart, but that's one of my more upsetting reasons with the whole situation. I do want what's best for him, so I'm not going to set him up to fail just because of something like that.

And yeah, my mare's whinney is so freaking high pitched and loud, I always want to cover my ears. lol Do they make horsey muzzles?? lol

Andrea said...

I am glad to read that you got your horses moved. And that old barn manager is a dork!! I hope things work out at the new place!

And good luck with the job searching. That can always be a bit frustrating. I hope you find something soon.


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