Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blah Weather and Blah Sharing the Arenas

So I don't know where everyone else is really, but is the weather as crappy by you as it is here in northwest Ohio?? It's getting cold and really windy. (thankfully Halloween is supposed to be like 65 during the day) We are to the point now where we say "ohhhh, 50 degrees?? T-SHIRT weather!!" lol. I hate spring and fall because when we have the drastic weather changes, I get sinus and allergy problems. You know, where you get the post nasal drip, sore throat, foggy head and achy body that makes you want to just go home, drink a bottle of NyQuil (blecht) and jump right into nicely warmed bed with the electric blanket? Too bad my electric blanket couldn't have a timer on it like our old air conditioner did. Wouldn't that be the bomb? I know, I know, and wouldn't it be nice to have a chauffeur, a chef and a maid too, right? lol Another week and I'll be over this yucky feeling. Little one hasn't been feeling the greatest either and had a 100.7 degree temperature yesterday. He wasn't himself so I gave him a little bit of infant Tylenol. He looooves the pink stuff and actually wanted more! I think I have a little druggie on my hands. Aren't they supposed to HATE anything that follows the word medicine? Where did I go wrong? They like baths too. Weird little kids. He ended up in bed with us last night because HE wasn't sleeping well. I now have bruised ribs. He's fun to cuddle with while he's awake though.

Than only good thing that I can think of about this cold nasty weather, well two things really, are that A) if we make it out to the barn when it's still light out, no one likes to ride outside in the cold or wind, so we get the WHOLE outside arena to ourselves. yay!! Budle up in a few layers of clothes and you're good to go. And the b.o. just turned it all up so it's nice and soft. My mare's a little crazy and spooky, but she's been doing surprisingly well outside with the cold, wind and even riding into the night. There are no lights out there, but I heard that horses can see pretty darn well in the dark as long as it's a gradual transition from day to night, not just walking from a lighted barn to the dark night. And the other thing I like about it being cold and miserable out is B) less other people like it out there and don't come out to ride, so the indoor arena isn't packed. Last winter we had the indoor almost all to ourselves the whole winter. I don't know if that's going to happen this year since there's the two ding dong's who lunge to no end and they seem to come out more often than they did last year since they have each other to spur each other on. We'll see. We try to establish some sort of pattern of going out when we know there isn't going to be anyone there, but so far they are pretty sporadic when THEY go out, so no patterns. Yet. Hopefully that will change as the mercury drops.

That's probably the thing that stinks most about boarding. Lack of space when you get a surge of people wanting to ride all at the same time. What do you? Everyone wants to exercise and ride, but there's only so much room. And the two ding dongs and their lunging, that takes up 1/2 the arena. You can't say anything because they are butt kissers to the b.o. All you want is a little common courtesy. Oh well. At least our horses are well cared for. I guess that's the best you can ask for. Some day we will be able to look out our window and watch the girls (or whatever we have at that point in time) grazing. Oh yeah, a funny thing on Sunday. There are only 3 mares in the barn (and 9 geldings). They are all stalled next to each other in the same isle of the barn. We call it estrogen alley :) (like Stallion Avenue at Congress) We own two mares and another nice gal owns the third. She came out to ride Sunday and we were all giggling about it being girls night out since no one else was there. So when one of the ding dongs came out and was going to lunge her gelding, we told her good luck because it was too hormonal in the arena for her horse to focus. lol. She held off until we were done. We might have to arrange that to happen more often. muahaha.

Have a good day and hope your area is still having nice weather.

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Hi Ezra! I tagged you for a game of Book Tag. Hope you don't mind. The rules are on my blog on the post "Tag I'm 'it'"


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