Monday, October 27, 2008


Yay, finally got to go to All American Quarter Horse Congress again this year!! I've been there twice, and neither time was great because of who we were with. The first time was 8 years ago and my hubby (who was fiance at the time) and I went with a gal and her mom that we knew from the bar. Well, this girl had troubles attracting guys without the help of other gals (in comes my purpose), so she was making my hubby very mad when she kept telling him to go someplace else (when we were shopping and watching events) and to sit someplace else (when we went to the bar) and she even went so far as to invite some random dude back to our hotel!!! So yeah, that was not a fun time. Then we went again 2 years ago and we went with a lady and younger girl that we knew from the barn we had been boarding at. Well, all they wanted to do was shop because they had just gotten their new horse. That was fine and dandy because I know they were so excited, but they would NOT let my hubby and I go watch any events!! They kept dragging us back and forth to the SAME stores over and over all day long. We kept saying we'd just meet up when they were done, but they kept wanting our opinion on colors and types of tack. It was sooo annoying. So this year, we made plans to go without anyone else, but had our adorable little rug rats with us. These little kids eat to no end. You know how expensive Congress food is?? It's like going to the fair x's 2. Totally ridiculous. So they pretty much just ate all the cash we took.

Since my hubby just went back to work after his hernia and gallbladder removal surgeries, we were a little low on spending money so we went down with a little list of what we were going to look for deals on. I will say that we did pretty good on spending. We even got to see some events which was a miracle considering we got there later than we intended on AND everyone was packing up everything AND the events got over earlier as it was the last day. We finally got a cordless trimmer we've been wanting, we got the little buddy stirrup straps for my Little One (he can't reach the stirrups in the kid saddle, he's only 4), a rope for him and Older One to start practicing with, little fly bonnets thingies (which my horses will probably hate and were probably a waste of money) and a new set of reins. Oh yeah, and I got a new halter for my mare, it's black with the pink breast cancer ribbons all over it. Oh yeah, and two belts for the little boys. I think that was about it. lol All in all, we got some decent deals. There were more deals this time than last time we went, but not as many as the first year we went. The (nice western leather) belts were 50% off. The buddy stirrup strap and the reins were 20% off. So I don't think we got too bad of a deal on those. I was happy.

Before Congress, we went out to the barn on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Friday was a pick stalls and leave night because it was kind of late and the ding dongs were out there. Ding dongs are what I call two of our fellow boarders. The first set of ding dongs is a woman who has a horse with her daughter. It's supposed to be the daughter's horse (she's 12ish), but she's scared shitless of it. She will lunge that thing until SHE is tired of spinning in circles. The horse does not tire and it's pointless for her to lunge him like she does. There have been instances where the girl has free lunged the horse (aka chasing it around and just running the crap out of him) in the outdoor arena for 45 min, THEN the mom will get on and ride including loping for about 1/2 hour, then the girl will STILL lunge the horse AGAIN for like 15 min before she gets on him. Tell me now, what is the point of having a horse like that?? I was tentative about my horse, but I still got on and did what I had to do. And they have the nerve to call MY horse crazy?? lol. Jokes on them. Anyhow, she was lunging her horse and the indoor arena is just too small for too much activity. The other ding dong, who normally ends up out there with the first ding dongs, is a boarder who had a nice older horse (about 17), but just got rid of him for a 4 year old horse that's never been to a show (and she wanted a younger horse for showing). She too is about 12ish and feels the need to lunge the poor horse to death. She's not quite as bad as the first though. With two little girls who are afraid of their horses and HAVING to lunge the crap out of their horses, usually wanting to do it at the same time, it's a little difficult to ride my more high spirited horse because she sees someone loping, she wants to kick up her heels and have fun too. Or it just scares her because she thinks their scared and running from some unknown monster she doesn't see. I'm not really sure what goes through her little head. But she gets a little jumpy.

So Friday was a muck night and we were hoping to catch the barn empty on Saturday and we did. Yay for us. Just as we were finishing up, they started wandering in so we thought it a good time to finish. The boys both got to ride. Older One is actually starting to get the hang of it. He's not hanging on the poor old girls mouth and he's starting to use his legs more for steering. That was the first time neither my husband or I walked around (the horse will follow us regardless of what rider is trying to do) with him. He done good :) Then it was Little One's turn. He has no clue what he's doing since he's only 4, but we are steadily working on changing that. It's never helped that his feet hang loose because even with the stirrups on the highest notch, he still can't keep his feet in them. But with this weekend's purchase of the little buddy stirrups, that shouldn't be a problem anymore. yay! :) So with his feet having a place, we will now teach him some steering. They like to go fast, but thankfully the old girl doesn't, so she won't take off if they decide to try to kick a little too much. I think we will put him on the lunge line with her for a few lessons so that he can get a feel for some balance and feel more comfortable with her movements and his commands. He doesn't hold onto the horn, but he rests his hands on it. He's got lots of time, he's young. Older One is 7 though, and I think he needs to get a move on. We bought them a little rope to practice with. It would be so cute if they were both still interested in horses when they were old enough to team rope :)) I would be in 7th Heaven. That's my dream, that they stay interested in horses like their daddy and me. :)

That's all for now. Have a good night :)


Mrs Mom said...

Hey Woman! I am cheating here-- I have to go back to read this post, but wanted to let you know that there is an award for you on my main blog!!!

Pop in and check it out!

ezra_pandora said...

lol! Thanks!!! I'm glad you think my blog is neat.

Rising Rainbow said...

It's always been my experience that going to horse shows with someone else never quite works out the way I'd hoped.

ezra_pandora said...

Definitely not and we've learned our lesson!


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