Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween and a few ghost stories

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope your day is a little better than mine, although I can't really say it's totally bad. I'm off work because my Little One is sick and was up last night throwing up. He seems to be a little better, but he's still pretty toasty feeling. I myself feel ok, but my stomach is a little off as well. I hope to feel a little better by 6 tonight though!! Don't want Little One to not be able to dress up in his little cowboy outfit. I will definitely post pictures of them dressed up.

Here are my spooky stories. I wrote of two stories that happened with my grandma over at Mrs. Mom's website as comments on one of her ghostly posts. My experiences have only happened at the house we live in. The gentleman that lived here before us, willed the house to my dad and the guy actually died in the bedroom where my boys sleep. Does that freak us out? Not really. I don't think he's haunting us or anything either. We have just had some strange occurrences. When my boys were little and still in the crib, we had a little toy that strapped to the side that they could play with. If they rolled a roller the little colors around the mirror would light up. If they pushed the little rubber bubble things the music would light up. Thankfully it had an on/off switch because it could be totally annoying sometimes. We would usually only turn it on if the boys woke up in the middle of the night, that way they could amuse themselves until they went back to sleep, and we could still sleep as well. Well, one night I awoke to the music of that darn toy playing. I was thirsty so I figured I'd get up and check on him and then get a drink. When I went into their room, the toy was playing music and the little lights were all flashing, but my boy was sound asleep. I thought strange, but maybe a heavy truck went by and jiggled it enough to make it turn on. So since boy was sleeping, I reached up behind the thing to turn it off. Guess what? It was off already. lol So I quickly ripped it off the crib and yanked the batteries off and into the box it went. When I gave my brother a little box of baby toys when he had his little girl, he kindly declined to take the "possessed" toy with the rest. lol

Another little spooking we had was when my Little One was about 3 years old. He was playing in the living room that has both a little end table lamp and an overhead lamp with a ceiling fan on it. The overhead light and fan are turned on either by the switch on the wall or by the pull chain. If the wall switch is off, it will not turn on by the chain. So, one day as he was playing in the living room, he was throwing the couch pillow up in the air and catching it. We were in our bedroom which is right off the living room and we heard the pull chain click. We looked at each other and then looked out in the room and Little One looked back in at us and looked up with a quizzical look on his face. the light was off, but the switch on the wall was on. Which means the light had to have been turned off by the pull chain. He was oh, about 3 feet short of being able to reach the chain, so definitely not him. He was the only one in the living room and we all heard the chain. Very strange.

The last little spooky bit I'll leave you with is just the other day. I personally didn't experience this one, but hubby did and he wouldn't lie about something happening. At least I hope not :) He told me that he was in the bathroom on the can, reading a magazine when he saw the shower curtain moving out of the corner of his eye. I said oh well, it's probably just the air coming in through the vent. He said that's what he thought, but when he looked up at it directly, (I'll try to explain it like he showed me) it was moving like someone was behind it poking it with their fingers. There were a bunch of little spots that were poking out. I asked if he looked behind it, but he said no because it was 1/2 way open anyhow and obviously there was no one there. I'm not scared to go to the bathroom now, nope. lol

So, happy haunting and if you give out candy where you are, no tricks, only treats!! and if you don't, then by all means, happy tricking.

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