Monday, October 20, 2008

Horses this Weekend and Baptism

My weekend was pretty good, I will admit, although one little irritation that I can't do much about. This will be long, I'm so wordy.

Friday was nice and relaxing. We didn't go anywhere or do anything after work. Just kind of hunkered down and watched some Ghost Whisperer. LOVE that show. I'm a TV hound in my free time, lol. After that was The Ex List, which is cute, but I'm not super into it and I think it will get cancelled. That's ok.

Saturday was the first day of my husband's working Saturdays, and it was farrier day at the barn. I find it very interesting that we are the only boarders out of 8 that actually go to the barn to hold their horse for farrier, dentist and vet. But wouldn't you think people would want to know what is going on with their horse? I ALWAYS ask some kind of (usually goofy) question. Like, is there anything we can do to get my older mare's heels to grow, at all? I like to hear that our horses' hooves are excellent and strong. I like to hear from the dentist that my horse has an extra tooth (every time he comes out) and that's why she's a nut job. Ok, the second part the dentist didn't actually say, but I like to say it's a reason, otherwise we don't have one. lol Well, our old trainer did find it odd that they couldn't find her belly button either, I don't know why or how they were looking..., BUT they claim she was hatched from an egg and THAT is why she's a nut job. Who knows, but I like to know when people find or say something interesting. That has always irritated me with other people just not caring. Especially the ones with difficult horses. Thank goodness my mares are actually better than ALL the other geldings. My crazy girl wasn't always good, but persistently working with her has definitely helped as I'm sure me standing there petting, talking and holding her does and the farrier likes to tell us he appreciates it. :) And any time my girl did give him a hard time, I'd throw in a little tip for putting up with it, since really that isn't part of his job, to tame MY horse.

Then came the really irritated me, the holding your horse thing is really an annoyance. This irritated me, but I have to watch what I say or I might find my horses homeless. The barn owner was there holding his horses (and probably everyone else's horses I'm sure). He has one horse, aptly named Squirly, that is a wacky one too. Way worse than my mare, and he always gave me trouble about mine. Anyhow, he's holding this horse and it acts up. The first time he's rearing up and pulling back but calms down pretty quick. The second time he did it, he was flipping out and pulled the cross ties off the wall. Thankfully he had the lead line on as well (as I usually do too because you never know) and the horse didn't run off or trample anyone. I was in my stall, which is positioned so I could see the barn owner and the horse's head, but not his body because he was further down the aisle. Here is what really upset me. After the second blow up, the b.o. reached back, closed fist, and let loose. I was horrified. As soon as I saw that fist close and arm cock back, I turned around. I could not watch. And he wonders WHY that horse is so spooky, HEAD SHY, and doesn't like anyone?? hmmm. Let me guess. Sheesh. He's the old cowboy type, and I tell you, if we had someplace else to go, I would have definitely said hey idiot, there's why your horse is so skittish. I felt bad. I know the farrier did too because he just kind of turned away and was sharpening one of his tools. But what can you do? Lose your horse's home? Or the farrier, lose a barn full of business? It sucks. At least he doesn't ride the horse or (sadly) have much other interaction with it other than turning out and bringing in every day. That's my peeve. But really, what CAN one do in my position?
On to the baptism :) FINALLY it happened!! Yay. Ok, I am Catholic and my hubby is Methodist. In MY religion, babies get baptised asap after birth "just in case" something happens. In HIS religion, they don't believe babies are born with original sin and they get baptised when they are old enough to know what is going on and basically make their own choice. Well, there was a big to do when our first son, now 7 years old was a baby. Hubby had his view and when we had finally came to a little bit of an agreement, my dad wasn't happy with it and wanted me to just go over without my hubby knowing and get him baptised. Yeah, because THAT would be good for the marriage (that hadn't happened yet at the point). So things kind of just went nowhere. Now the older one is in private Catholic school (because the public schools are horrible here) and they will be making their next two sacraments, but he wasn't baptized yet! So we finally got it done. Here are the pictures (now that I figured out how to add and move them. lol) This is the two little guys. Aren't they so handsome??? I just wanted to take 100 pictures.

Then this is one of all of us. Me, my cousin who is the godmother, her husband who is the godfather, my hubby and the two boys. The picture looks a little distorted. I just don't know how to work our camera. I'm hoping my brother or my hubby's sister got a better one. I scrapbook and I'd love a really nice one to put in there.

So that's about it for my weekend. Oh, wait. AFTER the baptism, we went home and my hubby cleaned out the front room and I sorted through shoes. OMG. Is all I can say. I don't know HOW those kids got so many stinking shoes!! We got through it all though and thankfully that part is over. Now for the rest of the house.....

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