Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Funny ads that more thought should have been put into, or not

(Ugh. I didn't realize this got posted before it was ready. I was trying to add pictures and was having trouble, but it's fixed now. My appologies if you read it before and it didn't make sense, lol It should now.)

Finally. I've been wanting to do this post since NOVEMBER, but didn't have a chance until now. I hope you get some chuckles at least.

Ok, we all know on some (of our horse friend) blogs, they put up prime examples of what kind of ad NOT to do when you are trying to sell your horses. Dirty, downhill, in a barb wire fence pasture standing next to a windrower machine and horse is covered in a tarp. Well, this picture here below, made me almost die of laughter. I had tears rolling from my eyes. I opened up my, I think it was December, issue of Horse Illustrated and what do I see for the horse loving readers?

HAHAHA!!!! I love it! If you don't know what's so funny, maybe click to enlarge so that you can read it! At least the headlines. So unsuspecting would Horse Illustrated readers be of seeing this TSC ad. So not right for family oriented TSC either. lol I was rolling. That was a magazine article that I saw in the flesh (or rather paper). Now here are some other pretty funny things I did a quick search for online, since I typically don't just happen to see hilarious ads like that all that time and wanted more funnies for you all.

Dentures anyone?? I didn't know those were, um, interchangable with users. I could definitely be wrong, but hey, ONLY 2 teeth are missing!! That's a real steal for $100!!

How about this one for a mens magazine? I happened to think it's purty darn funny and yet so very suitable for those single men or men who's women are out on a business trip or something. Wonder if they come personalized?? lol

Now these next few I think have been around forever. I know I've gotten several email forwards from all my good friends to have a good chuckle at these porre (see last pic for the intended pun) people. But you have to think, most of them look somewhat intelligent, so maybe they are just really good humored?? lol. I went from a 9 letter Czechoslovakian last name to a 10 letter Irish name. I'm allowed to make some fun of names here :))

Ok, that's enough jollies for now. Hope you enjoyed and had some smiles at least :)) (and some day, to more enunciate my thoughts, I will learn how to use italics and bolding!)


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Holy Beegezus!! I am rolling on the floor...those engagement annoucements are PRICELESS!!

Poor-Sappe.....OMG!!! Toooo Funny!!

ezra_pandora said...

I just got another email from a friend today about You can't fix stupid, and it has a ton of hilarious newpaper clippings on there to the tune of "Federal Agents Raid Gun Shop, Find Weapons" lol!! Real dur type article titles.

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

LMAO Oh my!! Those are good!! I love when they do the "headlines" on Leno or Letterman. Too funny. I also love the lady in bed sheets.

Mikey said...

Oh those are funny!!!
Yes, in reply to your comment, that was me, and I did blog it, here

Juli Thorson blogged it too, you'll have to go back to her archives in Sept to see it.

it was a fun trip, but long. Must run right now, but I'll be back!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Trying to get caught up today. These are very funny ads.

Thanks for sharing them,


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