Monday, January 12, 2009

Winter Fun!!

Well, we got some snow starting on Friday. BOY did we get snow. The picture here is about 1/2 through Saturday, so we got most of it by then, but not all. It snowed more than 10 inches within 24 hours. We haven't had that much snow at one time since I don't know how long. Last year we supposedly got record amounts of snow, but it was all spread out. A little here, a little there. Not this time. Thankfully it was over the weekend so no school or work missed. Here in NW Ohio, we get weather like this, not a big deal. So what did I do Saturday? I shoveled, went to the grocery store, got home and shoveled some more, went to the barn (where I loped my lovely lady, TO THE LEFT!!!), went home and shoveled some more and then crashed. lol My forearms are soooo tired.

When I got home from the barn I took this picture of Big Dog on our back porch. She had been snowed on because she doesn't like the dog house.

That's her nickname. Her real name is Mayliah, she's a Mastiff/Akita mix and she weights about 150lbs (on the low side). She was not too happy the other girls (Molly Moo and Lily Lu) got to go in and she was stuck out there with me taking pictures. Poor girl. I fell down the back steps as I was trying to get pictures of her because she was jumping all around. lol Payback I suppose.

We decided yesterday at approximately 22 degrees out, it was ok to take the boys sledding. Last year every time it snowed, it was in the negative digits, so we never went. But since Santa was kind enough to bring them sleds this year, we figured we might want to use them at least once, and 10 inches of snow was quite the base. Myself, I don't really like to play in snow per say. I LOVE skiing, but sledding and snowball fights and snowmen? Not so much. But because I love them little buggers, I bundled up in my brand new Carhart bibs and went with them.

Here are a few pictures. I mostly put wipe outs on there, because all my actions shots are blurry, go figure. lol
This is daddy and little guy. They wiped out 1/2 way down the hill.

This is big guy with his new techno/tie dye colored sled.

Here is a (horrible) picture of me and little guy right after we hit a little snow and it sprayed up into our faces. Daddy sure knows how to get the good ones, doesn't he?

This is of little guy wiping out on a nice big hill. He's pretty gutsy that little one. I was hesitant about going down some of the hills because I haven't been sledding in about 20 years. lol

And here are two pictures of the boys enjoying some nice warm hot coco afterwards. They were so happy we went. (although big one's not happy because his coco is TOO hot, lol)

Have a warm day. Out to the barn to try some new things with Sassie. I may (and may should be in italics, because I don't know if it will happen) ride my mare bareback, if I have the courage. Mugwump gave some advice on her onesidedness. I think she's getting better with the slow rehab of working her left side more, as was suggested because she let me lope to the left on Saturday. Yay!!! She gave a little buck, but then went. She was on the wrong lead, so we petered out and then I asked for it again and that time she went into the correct lead. Yay again!! So, we're going to see what happens with what I do tonight and some analyzing of her. Hopefully hubby will be up for spectating it and let me know some stuff.

Enjoy your evening all!


Sully said...

We don't get much snow here that is sled worthy. That looks like fun!! My boys have sled the last few years in a inch or so of snow. It is not as fun, but we work with what we have.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That looks like so much fun! 10"??? That's alot of snow in 24 hrs. Poor you with the tired muscles shoveling snow...and falling off the porch. Be careful, sweetie!

You Big Dog is ...BIG! And looks like a love bug. Is she allowed inside, too?
Our GSD comes in every night, but she still gets into stuff and has occasional accidents, so we crate her when she's in the house and can't be supervised.

My kids also balk when their cocoa is too hot. I tell them, "Thats why they call it HOT cocoa, sillies!" hehe They don't get it. :D

You asked me a while back if I scrapbooked. I do. I've been scrapbooking for about 10 years, but really haven't done anything for the last 4 years. :(
I used to go to Weekend Scrap events, too. I even won a weekend trip in Michigan once.
And I went to one in Washington DC and won an awesome scrapbook bag with wheels!
I bet you can't wait until your Scrapbook weekend.
You'll be able to get alot of pages done at one time and gets lots of goodies, too. A little R & R for the mind and body :)

Have fun,
aka~ Rapunzle

ezra_pandora said...

Yeah, and on top of our 10" and 10 degree weather, we've gotten almost 3 more inches since I got to work this morning. Kids were worried about the snow going away before the weekend so they could get more sledding in. Don't think they have to worry about it. lol

Big dog is definitely big. When I do a post about her, I'm including a picture where she stands up and puts her front legs on my shoulders. Yeah, she's almost as tall as I am and weighs 150 lbs. She's big. She LOVES attention, but she's knocked me over more times than I can count when she tries to rub her head on me. lol Yes, I don't like to leave the dogs outside overnight because we don't live in the best hood and I'm always afraid something will happen at night. She did kill a coon one morning right after I let her outside to eat (she has to eat by herself, we don't want dead little dogs when she finishes HER food). Freaked me out!! They stay in a little back porch type room though with a gate in the door opening. They aren't really allowed inside inside to roam. She would just plunk herself on the couch and never move again.

Yes, with two kids scrapping is sooo difficult because I just don't have the time or place. So I jump when I get a chance to go. I've been scrapping about 10 years too!! I started right after my first real fun trip away from home. It was the summer of 1997 when I went to France for World Youth Day and a week later went hiking in New Mexico at the boy scout camp with our explorer scouts. I HAD to get that stuff in books and that's when scrapbooking was born for me. A lot has changed since then huh? Now they have stores and all sorts of stuff to make it "easier" to scrap.


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