Friday, January 30, 2009

Speechless, which is a good thing for me

Ok, did you all hear about that lady in CA who just had the 8 babies?? Everyone was excited for her and what a cool story yadda yadda because there's only one other set of living octuplets. UNTIL you find out she already has 6 other kids, she's single AND she lives with her parents. That makes 14 kids UNDER the age of 8. WOW. Is having 6 kids not enough when you are single?? To top that, she had fertility treatments in order to get pregnant again. Ok, anyone with common sense knows the chances of multiples with fertility treatments is high. Not only that, but she also has a set of twins. AND they told her she was having multiples and gave her the option of reducing the number of embryos. Without starting a major war, that is a persons personal choice and reducing embryos is either seen as killing your children or seen as not because they are not considered human yet. Me personally, I wouldn't do it, but wouldn't rag on someone who did. I also wouldn't have had fertility treatments after already having SIX kids!!!! And did I mention she was single???Sorry. That story is crazy. Who is paying for all those kids?? I hope her parents are well off, especially considering in an interview, her father mentioned "that media may have a tougher time finding the family after the babies are released from the hospital. 'We have a huge house, not here," said the man, who would only identify himself as Ed. "You are never going to know where it is.'" How nice for them. I'm sure the state will ultimately know because they will probably end up paying for all of those 14 kids when mom can't get a job because she's trying to raise the kids, all (however many there are) dads of said 14 kids are MIA and grandma and grandpa retire and run out of money. Yeah. I think he knew things were going to start going negative and judgmental when he made that comment.

Now saying what I just said there at the end brings me to why being speechless for me is probably a good thing. I tend to jump the gun on things, speak before I think, and open mouth, insert foot. Or any other cliche you can think of for talking when I probably have no room to. I posted yesterday about my irritations with the barn owner. Even though I was really just venting, I was venting before I found out the real info. So as it goes, we did finally see the barn owner and he did get sawdust. But only 1/2 a load which, with the way people DON'T pick their stalls and only strip them every time, will probably last a week max. We asked what was going on and he said they have the wood at the mill, but there are no orders. All of the businesses are down and have no orders because no one's building stuff and using the wood. So if no one's using the wood, it sits and there are no shavings or sawdust. He said they were going to try charging $1600 PER load. That's outrageous. He's been trying to call around, but apparently there just aren't that many places. I don't know what's going to happen. I hope to god he doesn't raise our board though. That will be hard as things are stretched as it is. I know it wouldn't be his fault though. I'm just glad we aren't at our prior barn. She ran out of sawdust CONSTANTLY because of her bad credit with them. I can only imagine how it is now unless she tells people they have to provide their own. And even then she's probably stealing theirs like she did everything else.

I digress. So once again, I talked before I asked questions. How do you control yourselves? lol Is there a course I can take for that?? I think I need to slow things down. Sometimes it's hard because emotions take over, I suppose. I am emotional in that way, that I jump to conclusions quick without finding out the true story. I would be a horrible reporter, except maybe for the Enquirer or something. What kind of person are you? Do you just explode or do you quietly think about things? For me, if something irks me, I will quietly stew about it and either explode if provoked, or more usually I just stew and let slide. Like with my husband. He's a talker. I'm not. I don't bottle stuff up or anything, things just don't bother me like they do him. And he hates it. He says stuff SHOULD bother me like it does him. I think we just deal with it different. With that being said, as I was just talking on the phone to one of our vendors, I realized that I act totally different if it doesn't affect me personally. With the BO, I was all huffy (in my head, not out loud) and was imagining everything was against ME, etc. But with making this call to the vendor for a supposed overdue bill, I didn't automatically assume they were trying to screw my work over. I just wondered what happened, so I called and nicely asked. Guess what? It was a system glitch, so no problem. I didn't have to get all wicked and mean ;) Why can't I do that with myself? Someday. I guess that will have to be a personal goal of mine. Stop and count to ten and maybe things will clear up.


Mrs Mom said...

Hey Girl- I am with you. My jaw hit the floor on the 14 kids story. Eeegads.... and that I think is about all I can think of to say that is...umm.. Printable! ;)

How do I control myself? Well, when you find out, can you let me know how it works for you? I don't do so well with hushing, but I am learning to vent to my Dear Husband FIRST before I say anything else. And then sometimes... well it comes out on the blog. Dear Husband calls it my knee jerk reaction. He tells me to be careful and not jerk too hard ;)

Glad the situation worked out at the barn too. Hope you all can work something out for the bedding situation! Can't offer up suggestions there, as my guys are out 24/7 with run ins.

Have an awesome weekend Ezra!!! Hugs to yas!

Sully said...

and I think 3 kids is enough. I guess it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

LOL-Yep-earned my "shrink" degree while just have no idea of the things people tell bartenders. Of course you never hear the "whole" story, so you have to listen real hard and read between the lines. And since about 99% of the clientel is men, you learn more about how guys think than maybe any one woman should know.

But you know what? I didn't read that you were jumping the gun on some of these issues. You had concerns-you voiced them outloud and then you went figured it out. That is completely reasonable behavior.

And 14 kids?? That is like an army of barn cleaners-LOL!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like you're just a 'got-to-bottom-of-it-quick' kind of girl. That's not always so bad. You get stuff done, keep things moving.

As for me, I tend to sit on a fence listening to two voices on either side of the fence. One is like you, and one is more cautious and is the thinker.
I'm in the middle all wishy washy not sure who's side to follow. lol!

I agree about those octuplets, too. An article I read today said the mother may have OCD and has always been obsessed with having children since she was a child herself.
My daugther has OCD and that is one of my concerns. She gets very focused and obsessed with one thing and can't let it go. It's a disease. Something she/we will always have to be aware of and work around.

Which makes me confused that the fertility dr's permitted her to go through this procedure when they knew of her family situation and should have had her seek counseling (The plastic surgeons do that with people who get obsessed with plastic surgery...why not fertility, too?)

Oh, and I didn't realize this, but this woman's octuplets, if they all survive, will be the only living octuplets. The other set had one of the babies die not long after they were born, so they are now only 7.

Maybe this gal also wanted the attention and guiness book of world records?

I suppose she is expecting lots of free stuff, but I wonde how many will offer now that they all know she has brought this one herself.

How can she even work and provide child care for 14 babies?

Her own Mother was interviewed today and stated that she told her daughter she'd had enough of playing babysitter and told her she'd be gone when she came home with all those babies.

Maybe she'll be court ordered to give some up for adoption if she can't provide for them?

It's such a interesting situation, isn't it?


Roxmysox said...

Re The sawdust situation - just thought you'd be interested to hear that the exact same situation is going on here in the UK.
People have resorted to chopped straw but now that's getting scarce too.

ezra_pandora said...

Rox: I was seriously going to consider that, with the chopped straw. How do you do that? Is it like a wood chipper machine? Straw isn't too scarce around here, but no one really likes using the bales of straw because (in our opinion) it's difficult to clean. But the chopped straw, I had seen that on something (don't remember what though) and thought that would be great.

Jason said...

Straw choppers chop straw !! They look kind of like a wood chipper...that's the best way I can describe it.

Lack of available sawdust/shavings is a nationwide problem in the US right now. A lot of suppliers are defaulting on contracts right now. Just not enough lumber being milled/planed to meet the shavings demand.

ezra_pandora said...

Ok, so they have actual machines that do this then? Hmmm. I wonder, would you be able to use a regular wood chipper? Or would that not work because their consistency isn't really the same? Is there anything else out there for bedding besides, shavings and the like, straw and that other more expensive pellet type stuff?

Roxmysox said...

I don't know about that to tell the truth - the only straw chopper I've actually seen is the size of a jet engine.
I got chopped straw from a local event yard ( and he bought it by the trailer load) Unfortunately my greedy guts IDx decided it was yummy so now I'm having to scrape about getting shavings/sawdust/ whatever I can for him while the less greedy horses get the straw.

Roxmysox said...

BTW - the chopped straw is great to clean - I was unsure about it at first but if anything it's actually better than shavings or sawdust - unless your horse eats it that is....

ezra_pandora said...

And that was exactly my next worry. My mare in my avatar wouldn't eat it. She's a somewhat picky hay eater. If it's too dry, or too old, she just nibbles, but eventually she'll eat it all. She probably wouldn't like it. Our other mare however, we think she eats sawdust anyhow. Her sawdust magically disappears. We'll put in two wheelbarrows full and when we strip clean we maybe get 1 1/2 of dirty out, and that includes HER extras. lol So, we're not sure. She might eat that too but it might be worth a try though. I think I will look into it and tell the BO to look too.


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