Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Toffee, Toffee, TOFFEE, Life's Essential Indulgence

Oh. My. God. I just got my toffee today from the free ad deal English Toffee Anytime had going, and I have to tell you that it is honestly, THE best toffee I have ever had. I got my free Milk Chocolate English Toffee after doing this post. I did it wrong initially, but they were so kind and generous that once I fixed it, they still sent me some free toffee. They are so kind. This toffee has THE best mix of chocolate and toffee. The chocolate melts in your mouth only to reveal a nice, crumbly buttery toffee inside. I wish you could reach in and grab a piece of this because words just do not do it justice.

Is it big enough, can you smell the aroma? Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is just doing this post. I have the box right next to me and it is not leaving my work, unless I hide it in my tote bag because NO ONE is getting any of this at my house!! lol I offered my co-worker a piece, but I made sure to break it in 1/2 so that there was more for me, hehe.

Thank you Mrs. Mom for telling me about this Toffee and thank you Andrea for telling me to fix my wonky looking sidebar and add the link so that I could actually get my toffee. I am forever indebted to you both :)) So if anyone wants to taste this decadent treat, I HIGHLY suggest that you click on the picture at the top of my blog on the right hand side, that little brown box that says English Toffee Anytime, and get yourself some. Better yet, get a larger box so that you get some, but you can act generous to others by giving them a small piece of heaven.

Thank YOU, English Toffee Anytime, for making my day.


Mrs Mom said...

Ohhh Ezra is that not THE BEST treat??? I had a foodgasm On The Spot with my first bite. (*ahem* note to self: Dont tell Hubby about the foodgasm part...) ;)

I am so glad that you got in on that deal too!!!! That toffee ROCKS!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! I think I have an obsession with Toffee Anytime. It is truly, like you said, the best toffee I've ever had. It's probably the best toffee in the world, quite honestly! :)

Enjoy every last bit. I didn't share mine ether, except one 1/2 bite with my riding buddy, Val next door. I think she was in toffee nirvana. All she could say was "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!"

aka Rapunzle

ps, My word verification is 'praline' I wonder if praline toffee would be as good? heheh

ezra_pandora said...

Mrs Mom: It is SOOO delicious. I will definitely keep your secret, because my husband isn't even going to KNOW about this toffee, well, maybe until our Anniversary or Sweetest day, hehe. Thank you so much for telling me about it.

Lisa, Miss Lisa. I hope you are doing ok and maybe have enough of the good stuff to keep you smiling while you are laid up :)) I have to thank YOU in part for getting me this toffee. I (ashamedly) whined in a comment on your blog when you got yours that I hadn't gotten mine and I think Andrea saw it and then emailed me to fix mine. lol So, because of your blog too I got this scrumptious treat. Your verification words are always funny. You get praline. You got comment once. lol

I humbly bow to you both. lol


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