Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The many miscellaneous

Thank you all for your pros and cons of boarding vs. having horses at home. Everyone basically touched on all of the concerns we had as well. We would have to do some major figuring out and preparations before moving a horse to our own property, which we would obviously have to get first :) So I guess for right now, we can safely say it will be a little while before it happens, but one day we would like to do that. Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind had some excellent ideas though of finding alternatives to boarding at a boarding barn per say though. Those will be worth checking out as well for sure. We have decided that for now we will not move. We are keeping the information for the other place on hand, but we thought about it, and honestly we don't see those annoying people all that often (since they don't do anything with their horses) so we will wait and see. If things continue to be a problem with her, we will talk to the barn owner (which we know will be fruitless, but at least we would have tried) and if things still continue, then we would seriously consider moving. Soccer is only temporary and I know 4H, although it is two groups weekly, that will only last until the fair, and then things will be back to normal. They will not come out and ride anymore and therefore will not be bothering us. So yeah.

I have another lesson again last night. I attempted loping yesterday, but after going to the right, her good side, she got all balky and snorty. So I know she knew what was coming next and I don't know for sure, but I'm thinking it may be time for the chiro again, but seeing as though I'm still without a job, that's a little tricky. BUT, speaking of jobs, hehe, I have another interview tomorrow. (even though I'm really kinda liking this staying home deal) This time it's with a big law firm. It would only be legal secretary, but for a firm with 12 lawyers, I'm thinking it should pay well and heck, maybe I'll even be able to get SOME benefits!! So cross your fingers for me. If I do get this job, and depending on what it pays and offers, my hubby may be going to college (his first time) for the veterinary technician program. He's been welding for 28 years now and between his knee problems and the fact there are no decent paying jobs, he's getting tired of it and he thinks he would enjoy vet tech. But for him to do that, I would need a job first. So yeah. I am laying this all out in the hands of fate, with a little persuasion from myself and hope it all works out. I just know he needs a change, whether it's a new field or going out on his own (which may be another alternative), he needs change. But for right now, I'm filling out the wondrous FASFA to see what kind of financial aid (hopefully lots of GRANTS) he would be able to get if he will be going.

Now for some randomness.

My son had all of his kindergarten shots monday. NOT fun. Me being the mean mom I am, and knowing that we may not have insurance for all that much longer, I opted to have all of his shots done at once instead of two separate visits. So he had 4 shots and believe you me, he was NOT a happy camper. Slept like a baby when he got home though :) On our way home, through tear soaked eyes, he looks at me and solemnly says, "Mom, I really didn't WANT to go do kindergarten you know." LOL!!! I told him he might as well go now that he got his shots otherwise they would be for nothing. I tried telling him a day of pain after shots were better than getting the weeks of sicknesses they prevent, but he wasn't too convinced with those lines :)

Do you know if female blueheelers get more aggressive when they get older? Does it matter if they are fixed or not? Or if they are in heat? We've had our Catahoula Leopard (Lily) and Blue Heeler (Molly) since they were a few months old and big dog since she was about 3. Big dog rules the roost, no questions there. They are all about 9 years old now. No one messes with her hands down. The other two though, they are strange dogs. Lily (the CL) has always been picked on, by every dog we've had since we've gotten her. They've always growled at her or snapped at her for whatever reason. And she just turns and goes away. Every dog we've had has done it and it's sad because she's so playful and loving. She just annoys them for some odd reason. She's the best. Doesn't bark, doesn't jump, loves car rides, LOVES to go for walks and play ball, follows the boys around (which annoys them too, lol) etc. Molly, the heeler on the other hand, isn't like any heeler my hubbys ever had. She HATES the car. Keeps her tail between her legs when on walks. Barks incessantly at nothing. Won't play ball (but she'll very roughly heel Lily when she's playing). And generally hides when anyones around. But lately, she's been going after Lily for no reason whatsoever. Just last night (and it's not the first time), all three were laying in their room and I was just looking at them because I heard her growling. Lily wasn't even looking at her and Molly was snarling and baring her teeth at her. Well all of a sudden she darts forward and starts biting her on her face and ears while she just laid there!! I was telling her to quit it while she was still growling and obviously separated them immediately. Does this happen as the dogs get older? She's never been like this before the past maybe two months. I don't know if it's because she's not fixed. Or would that not matter? We had originally heard male heelers are aggressive, but now we're hearing female heelers get more aggressive the older they get. If it's because she's not fixed, would fixing her now help, or no? I have the vet appt in two weeks for shots, but I wondered if any of you knew.

Those of you with kids of the two legged squirmy kind, I have a question. Or those of you without, you may be able to remember from your childhood. What do you do with all of your old clothes? With my older boy, he was soft on his clothes. Nothing was ever worn out. Obviously I had wanted more kids, so I kept them all and as luck (or my kind of luck anyhow, lol) would have it, I had another boy, so they are being well used. With this guy, he's starting to wear everything out. He plays hard and is hard on his clothes. But with what isn't too used, I'm not sure what to do. See, when I was a kid, my mom traded clothes with my other aunts for my cousins. Or she gave them away rather since my brother and I are grandkids #1 and #4 out of 17 (not including steps), so there weren't much there to give to us. Anyhow, she gave our clothes to other cousins, or sold them at our every few year garage sales. She knew she wasn't having any more kids. I think I'm taking after my dad, who's a packrat, and I have all the boys clothes (that wasn't rag or toss worthy) sorted in tubs with the size on them. I don't really want to have a garage sale, we don't live in the nicest of neighborhoods though lord knows we have enough junk to make a small fortune, but I don't know if I should keep the clothes or give them to my sisters for my smaller than my kids nephews.

I'm sure you are wondering why this is a dilemma. It shouldn't be. there is about a 1 in 10,000 chance that I will have another kid. I'd love to, and if I had got a job soon and we moved into our own house (from our current 700 sq ft, 2 bedroom living area), I think we would have another. Possibly. Hubby is 46 and doesn't want to be dead before our youngest kid graduates high school, ya know? So I don't know. My mind is telling me the thing to do is give the clothes to my sisters. But my heart (aka hope) is telling me "no, no, you MIGHT need them. Some day." But then my mind is telling me look, you can ALWAYS get more. So tell me, what do you all do? I know circumstances may not be the same, but something you say might ease my mind and make me just let them go. Of course I wouldn't be able to get rid of their wranglers, cowboy boots or western shirts. My sisters would have absolutely no use for those like we had :) And maybe I'll keep those for the boys to give to their kids 15-20 years (maybe less, but let's cross our fingers it's not, lol) down the road. I know, I'm being dumb. lol


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You mentioned that your hubby is attending a vet tech program. Sounds like a good idea, but could also start working at a vet's office as an apprentice to get more experience?

I worked as a vet tech for about a year. I learned everything from giving x-rays, from testing for worms, to preparing for surgeries, to dealing with owners/patients.
And I didn't attend any vet tech program beforehand. They trained me on the job.
Maybe they'd train your hubby...and even pay for him to attend the vet tech program with some sort of employment contract?

May be worth looking into.

As for the clothing issues, I am fa away from being a packrat, my family will tell you. Clutter stresses me out. If I don't use something for over a year, it's gone (except for photos and very special keepsakes).

Um...why would wranglers and shirts be special keepsakes? Did the boys win some rodeo events in them? More than likely, if you do try to give them to your adults sons for their kids in like 20+ years (gah!)...they will either have girls...or their wife won't be into the cowboy thing.

Let them go, girlfriend!
Take photos of things that are special to you that take up too much space. That will be your memorie. Or make the special clothing into quilts....useful, beautiful and warm on a cold winter night.

We buy almost all our clothes from garage sales (like the Twins Club Sale) or are given hand me doens from friends. We in turn give away any still useable clothing to friends, Freecycle, or to Women's and Children shelters (they are always so grateful for nice clothing).

Children Youth and Families is another option. We have friends who do foster care, and they sometimes get little kids on in the middle of the night..without any clothes shoes, anything. The CYF keeps a Foster Kid's Clothes Closet for the foster families to 'shop' from after their foster kids arrive.

So, just be free! Let those old clothes go. You don't need all that extra baggage taking up space and weighing you down. :)


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Hahahaha-I'm the exact opposite of Lisa. I have kept lots of Megan's special outfits from when she was little(not so much now though) and kept all her boots, hats and western clothes that she has outgrown. I learned it from my mom. She keeps everything and has for decades. Actually, it is pretty darn cool to go dig around in her basement and find all the things that I remember from my childhood is still around. A favorite pair of jeans, a dress I really liked when I was little, all my toys and stacks and stacks of my(and Megan's) Breyer horses. Absolutely amazing! Then if you start looking around, there's even more cool stuff-magazines, tack, dishes, mom's Avon collection and more...much, much more.

So I guess I would say save the things that are special, even if you have no idea if they will ever be used again. The things that are just ordinary...I give to thrift stores, cause I don't like having rummage sales either. I figure, since I love to bargain shop and appreciate being able to find useful items at the stores, it's worth it to give them the worthwhile things I don't need anymore.

On your dogs...I'm no expert on canine behaviors, but I've seen that type of behavior often in herding type dogs. I have no idea of how to fix it...but Paint Girl is working on the same issue with her Aussie. I'd ask her!

Roxmysox said...

I'm constantly fighting my packrat tendencies. Admittedly it's helped by the fact that the kids seem to have inherited the trait and John is of the "it might come in useful" persuasion. If we kept everything we'd be sleeping on the doorstep !
Useable stuff got passed down, worn out stuff went to the rag bin. When I ran out of kids to pass down to then I passed to relative's kids or a local charity shop. With most close family kids now grown up I still get the occasional bag to collect from Mother's. Books and toys also did the rounds although there are a few select toys that my ( now older teen) kids have kept and won't part with.
Good luck with the job interview - fingers are crossed for you.

ezra_pandora said...

LOR: I did mention that to my husband, about working in the vet office for experience. He said he needs to work at his current job for awhile while going to school because we need the money. If I get a decent paying job, he could do whatever, but considering vet techs make less than what he makes right now, he wants to wait.
I think I'm going to use your clue about things not being worn in a year disappear with my own stuff. I have so many clothes that I think I'll wear one day, or keep "just in case" and they are taking up too much room.

BEC: I think it's cool to go looking through old stuff. But right now, we just don't have the room. I'll admit that I keep junk and hubby tries to sneak it out for sure. And thanks for pointing me to paint girl!

Rox: My dad is definitely a packrat and I had hoped it hadn't rubbed off on me! lol


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