Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thoughts and dilemas

Wow, what a week. lol The interview went well for the most part. I did say something to make both ladies look at each other, raise their eyebrows and nod in agreement, so that was good. But then they asked what my ex-boss would say if they were to call him. That was a sticky one. I just kind of chuckled and said I had no idea because he was always full of surprises. They laughed and moved right on, so that must have been ok, but who knows really what he will say if they call. My sister did tell me something else that is quite clever to say if I get asked that question again, and if he says something to make me look bad, he will look like the jerk. They told me they would be calling people back for second interviews with the attorneys this week, so we'll see. I also got a letter from a place I sent a resume to (a really really good paying county job) and it stated they were beginning the interview process. So I guess that's good, it wasn't an outright NO. lol

Last Wednesday I had my lesson. It didn't start out so well. Trainer had lessons with the two little girls first, so she told me come a little later so that she could unwind after them and I wouldn't have to deal with them. They are kind of annoying and rude. I got there, gave my girl a great grooming and when the little girls were done riding and taking saddles off to do showmanship, she told me come out when I was ready. So I went out and the one little girl has the gelding who's attached to Sassie, so he started whinnying and rearing up. Bad omen #1. That got my girl worked up too. I had also forgotten to cinch up the girth tighter, so I did that before I got on. Bad thing #2. I didn't jog her around like I ALWAYS do since we flipped over last year. Bad thing #3. After I tightened it, I went to get on, by the step stool (which she hates), by cones (which she hates) and at a place in the arena that I usually don't get on at. Bad things #4 and 5. She needs to get over that stuff anyhow, but maybe not all at once. lol I was setting myself up for sure. After I get on, she started jumping up a little and hopping around. I figured it was because that gelding was still acting up and figured if we just sat for a minute while the trainer got him calmed down, SHE would calm down. Bad thing #6. She didn't. I tried to urge her into a walk and right away she reared up and leaped to the the left, I went off to the right and landed on the hardest packed part of the arena. Owwwww. I landed on the lower left part of my back and on my left wrist and had my right arm up in case she would come back toward me. She didn't thankfully and just stopped. Oh my gosh, I was soooo sore until about yesterday. I think being 30 and all, I'm not as bendy or heal as quickly as I used to. lol So I got myself up and loosened the girth a notch, jogged her around and got back on. Needless to say, we didn't lope to the left Wednesday. I didn't think I could handle her jumping into the left lead lope. We did lope to the right though and we had a good lesson. I learned my lesson and will heed my mare's warnings from now on.

Well, it is official. I believe we will be changing barns. My mare kicked out two boards in her stall, and to show us how much the barn owner hates our horse, he just left the boards out of there for her to get her head caught or legs hurt. I went early Friday morning to clean stalls quick, I was too sore to ride, and I discovered that there were two boards missing. One from the sliding door and one between her and our other mare. (because of barn owners great idea of putting them next to each other because they get along juuuuuust fine and don't kick. uh huh) Well, we went out Sunday, the boards still hadn't been fixed and the barn owner came out just as we were cleaning stalls. He made sure to come over and call my horse an f-ing b!xxx because she broke those boards and he had to go buy more. Um, he's got FOUR empty stalls he could have borrowed boards from. But he didn't. Totally ridiculous. That was Thursday the boards were broken, possibly Wednesday night. Here is was Monday and he still hadn't fixed them. When anyone else's horse breaks something, he makes sure it is fixed immediately. But I think he wanted her to get hurt to show us how stupid my horse is. Well he got his wish. I had my dad go out with me yesterday to ride and to help fix them since the owner had no plans to and hadn't yet. Now my horse has three cuts on her back left leg. Two are new ones and one is from one of her old scars breaking open. whatever. We'll take our $500 elsewhere and let him cater to the boarders he has left. I called the new barn and we are going out to see it today. The trainer said this barn is much better (she really doesn't have a vested interest, just has a couple lessons there) and we will be much happier. She said they have drama there too, but it's all family drama and as long as we make sure to stay out of it and not take sides, we will be fine.

I don't want to leave on bad terms. There is no contract. So technically we don't have to give any notice. And it's not like he has a waiting list. There are 9 empty stalls at that barn. I know why. If we like the new barn tonight, I want to tell him immediately we are leaving at the end of the month. My husband says he doesn't want to because we know my horse is going to get treated like crap. The barn owner already treats her that way, that's why she's reared up on him in the past and swings her butt to him when he goes into her stall. I've been there when he's hit her in the face to get her to back up. I was too shocked to say anything when he did it and that was my mistake. I should have whacked him in the face with my lead rope and asked how he liked it since he's an ass too. We know how he treats other horses that don't act perfectly for him. Any advice as what to say? I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of mentioning we are very uncomfortable being out there when certain other boarders are there, which is the truth. My husband refuses to go out if he thinks they are there so that he can avoid conflicts and comments made. He's even drove the whole 1/2 hour out there only to turn around and go right home once he sees their cars. Why have horses if you are too uncomfortable to go out and ride and enjoy them? He wants to get rid of them because of that. So we need to move. I want to comment too that since the barn owner thinks mares in general are such a hassle (or p-i-t-a), he won't have to deal with them anymore, but that gives way for him to argue that they aren't really a problem (even thought they clearly are to him) and that it's just my mare causing the problems. So, I guess when it comes down to it, we will figure out what to say and it will have to do.

It's supposed to be absolutely gorgeous the next few days. Even up to 83 on Thursday. Me thinks the girls will be getting their long overdue first bath of the season :))


Andrea said...

I am so not looking forward to Kindergarten shots. Oh my...that is coming up quickly.

I always hated changing barns. Meeting new people, new horses, new drama. I am glad you are alright with staying put.

Good luck with your interview! Sounds like it would be a great job.

Old clothes....I give mine away. I kept all my oldest boys' clothes. but now when my two younger ones grow of of their clothes, I box them up and ship them off to my sisters. I used to keep everything, but now I keep a few of my girl's dresses and nothing of the boys'. Poor boys. But they don't care about having their baby clothes. So, I give it all away.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I would just be very nice when you give your notice, thank him for his care of your horses (if you can do it without choking) and let him know when you will be moving your horses. I think this is one of those times where you just need to be friendly and the less said the better.

Good luck with the interview(s)

jen098 said...

I think that YOU own your horses, and so if you think you want to take them sooner because it will be safer for them, then do so. I do think notice is important, as is being polite, but if I thought my horse might break a leg or be hurt, then I guess I find leaving sooner to be reasonable.

Andrea said...

Okay, that first comment I made was for the last post, now this comment is for this post!! LOL!!

I am glad you are changing barns. I hope the new place is nicer with a nicer owner. And there is always drama at barns. Always.....

I am glad the interview went well and you got another possible interview!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! I'm sorry you fell...but also glad you weren't seriously injured....like I was when I fell in the same way.
I wish I had been as lucky. bah!

Sounds like things have been pretty sucky over there for a long while. Why even give notice? Do you have a security deposit that you could lose?
I wonder if one the reasons your mare has been so difficult there is also because of the way she may be treated when you're not around?

If it were me, I'd move out without giving much if any notice...and the faster the better.

Good luck with the job. I hope it all works out in your favor. You deserve some good stuff happening to you. :)


ezra_pandora said...

Andrea: They were NOT fun. I'm sure worse for the kids :) I'm thinking the boys wouldn't care if I kept any clothes or not either. It's more for me, lol
Andrea2: lol Yes, I think I could handle family drama better than other boarder drama. If it's just family stuff they are whining about, then it really doesn't involve me and we can separate ourselves. We can't separate ourselves from other rude boarders, especially when they are the barn owners little sidekicks.

Melissa: That's exactly what we were going to try to do. I don't want to burn bridges, but I don't think we'd ever go back anyhow because we don't know what's going on when we aren't there, we just see how our horses act when we are. We're just going to basically blame it on the other boarder, because she really is the main cause.

Jen: I don't think he would even let them get seriously hurt, but still, hurt is hurt. We are going out a little more frequently to check on them until we do move.

LOR: I wish you hadn't been seriously hurt either :( I know how much trouble and heartache it's been causing you. I guess like I said above to andrea, I just want to keep the possibility of going back in case we HAD to, not that I would ever care to. There just aren't very many boarding places within a reasonable driving distance from our house. we're already at about 35 minutes or so depending on traffic and that's bad enough. I would like to just haul up and leave though, it's VERY tempting, lol. But then we would get a bad reputation as boarders and be known as the people who just up and leave. They have been very nice to us in the sense that they give us all their grandson's clothes for our older boy. I swear we havn't had to buy him any clothes in the past two years. Their grandson gets a brand new wardrobe every year and doesn't hardly wear any of it. And I'm not talking cheap clothes either, I'm talking, tommy hilfigur, gap, etc. Not that we would particularly buy those kind of clothes anyhow, but you know what I'm saying. So that has been very gracious of them. And ideally I'd like to give 30 days notice, but 7 will have to do.

Flying Lily said...

Wow sorry you had a fall. Hope you are all recovered. I am a firm believer in getting your horse out of there as soon as you give your notice. I really fear the repercussions of a quit announcement for the horse's care. Pay through the end of a month and then move that very day. It's the only way you will have peace of mind.


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