Monday, November 3, 2008

Big Weekend for Big One

Well, my big one had a nice weekend I think. Friday night was trick-or-treating of course. They did fairly well and had a nice little stash. Then I won tickets to Cedar Point on Thursday and I was trying my hardest to figure out what to do with them. They were for Halloweekends and this was the last weekend so I had to use them. There were only two and we really don't have anyone to watch the kids. So I decided hubby and big one should go and have a daddy and son day. Big one is 7 years old and 52 inches. It used to be to ride most of the rides you had to be minimum 48 or 54 inches. So we figured there'd be a couple he could ride.

Hubby had to work in the morning, so after noon when he got home they got ready and went. I don't know if you know what Cedar Point is, but it's like Six Flags. Amusement park with TONS of coasters. They call it "America's Roller Coast." I don't know why, but they always say that there. Anyhow, the park was open from 10am until midnight, so hubby wasn't in a big hurry and he knew big one would tire out anyhow. I get a call about an hour or so after they had gotten there and hubby says "he won't ride anything." Apparently big one is terrified of all the rides. They even rode the skyline, which is the baskets that go up in the air over the park down the midway, and as soon as they took off hubby said big one turned white as a ghost, which is funny considering he's already pasty pale. So after about 4 hours of tooling around and riding on the antique cars, the train and all those other little wimpy rides, big one decides it's getting dark and he's scared there will be monsters coming out, so he's ready to head home. Halloweekends is supposed to be more for kids during the day and spookier with dressed up monsters walking around at night. I'm sure they wouldn't not have scared big one to death, but he sure thought they were going to. So hubby agrees because he's tired too and wasn't having a ton of fun not riding the coasters. One the way out, hubby says hey, this one over here isn't too fast, do you want to go on that one? It's inside so big one can't see it (haha) and says ok. So they get in line and go through. When he told me he did that, I about rolled over laughing. That ride is pretty fast, but we always said it went even faster at night. Big one started screaming like a girl on the first hill. lol!! Hubby was like shhh!!!! it's not THAT scary!!! lol So he kind of calmed down a little, but when they got off, apparently if looks could kill, big one would have been driving home alone. Now as I said earlier, kids have to be either 48 or 54 inches tall to ride. Big one is 52. I asked if that was one of the 48 inch ones and he said he didn't know, no one measured big one all day on any of the rides!! I was like WHAT?? My baby is skinny as a stick, he could have flown right out from under any type of restraint and they didn't measure him!! Mini heart attack, but since it was already over they are just lucky nothing did happen. I almost asked hubby if he would make him ride something so that it wouldn't be a total loss and he'd at least see if he really did or didn't like them, but then I remembered back to when big one was about 5ish I think. We went to a fair that had those big slides. He wanted to go on it so I said ok. He got all the way to the top and froze. He wouldn't come back down the steps or go down the slide. So mommy had to walk all the way up there. My intention was to just set him on it and give him a push, but that wasn't going to happen. So I said I'd ride with him, him kicking and screaming the whole way. After we get to the bottom, I find out big one was so scared he peed his pants. I felt like the world's worst mom ever. So that's why I didn't push hubby to make him ride something, but in a way he did anyhow. Hubby swears that he forgot it was as fast as it was. Big one doesn't believe him, but he's happy now that he got to go on at least one coaster.

That was his eventful Saturday. Yesterday he got to have his first horseback riding lesson. Sure, my hubby and I can give him lessons, but we've found it's always easier with someone else because I don't know if you have kids or not, or if you do, do you notice they seem to act different around other people? Like behave BETTER? lol It just worked out better that trainers girlfriend had other lessons and we talked her into giving them to big one too. She agreed and yesterday they had their first. I thought he did wonderful. Grumpy old mare was having her moodiness and he still did well. He was really starting to get it and he became a jogging freak on her. Poor old girl. She probably thought she'd have it easy. Not that a little jogging would kill her because she definitely needs it. Poor old girl because now big one is going to start thinking he's a cowboy and she's not going to be able to push him around anymore!! lol.

So that's it for today. Have a good day. Hope your weather is good as ours is supposed to be. Supposed to be in the low 70's all week. Can you believe that?? 70's in November in the great lakes area. Whodathunk? I'm loving it though. Just means all the more time we get to ride outside instead of inside the dustbowl indoor arena :))

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