Sunday, December 14, 2008

My most favoritest Christmas treat...TOFFEE

So, Mrs. Mom pointed me over to Swampsuburbia blog where, there is a contest for FREE delicious looking toffee to the first 40 people who do the following:

1. Post the English Toffee Anytime Logo on your side bar. You can see an example on my side bar!!(right click and "save as" to your computer then upload to your blog)

2. Make the Logo link to English Toffee Anytime at

3. Have a blog post about the English Toffee Anytime Contest with a link to the English Toffee Anytime site. This does not have to be an entire post, but a simple "Hey, go check out this contest and this awesome toffee!!"

4. Leave the Logo and Link up on your side bar for six months.

5. Then you need to email with the following information:

1. Your name and mailing address (which will not be used for anything else)

2. A link to your website

3. And what flavor of toffee you would like (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate).

The first 40 people from my and my sister's blog will get a free box of toffee. And this is only available to continental US residents. And that's it!! Free toffee in exchange for free advertising. Yum!! The contest will be over when we have our first forty emails received at

I'm all about the free, so I am posting this tasty little ad. I WILL be one of those given some yummy free toffee :))


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Enjoy your toffee, Ezra!!


Andrea said...

Hey Ezra, I was wondering if you have recieved your toffee yet? I stopped by to check on your link on your side bar, and for some reason it's not working? Could you please retry doing the link? Here is the English Toffee Anytime web site.
Just copy and past the web site to the link option when putting the picture on your side bar. If that makes any sense??

But if you haven't gotten your toffee yet, just fix this link and then email what kind of toffee and your email address to I hope that you either have already recieved your toffee or we can get it to you soon!! It's really oh so good!!!


Andrea said...

sorry I ment to say to email what kind of toffee and your mailing address. It's been a long day!!


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