Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Ok, how cool is this? I might get to MEET, IN PERSON with one of my fellow bloggers. You can't believe HOW excited I am. I'm going to refrain from acting kooky though so she doesn't run quickly the other way. BrownEyed Cowgirls will possibly be coming through an area near where I live. I posted that I'd love to meet up with her if she was coming through northern Ohio and as luck would have it, they are!!! I'm so excited. Did I say that already? Sorry, lol!!

I obviously will have to find out how long they will be stopping in for and where exactly. Whether it's just a quick stop, or stop and eat, or stop and see some things or maybe my horse :)) hehe.

It's really kind of funny because I have this email group that used to play an online trivia game that is now defunct. But I've been emailing these people for like 2 1/2, 3 years and two of them live in MI, one a mere hour away, and I've NEVER met up with any of them for some reason. NOW, someone I've "known" for just like maybe 7 months or so from 1/2 way across the country, and I might get to meet her. Too cool. I would say I'm speechless, but obviously by now you can tell that is simply untrue. Ok, I have to stop myself now before I embarass myself too much. lol!


Andrea said...

That is so cool!! You live in Northern Ohio? I used to go to College in Findlay and I grew up in Cleveland!!

I think it would be so cool to meet some of my blogger friends. I worry that they will meet me and say, "Oh, that was it?" LOL!!

I hope you get the chance to meet her! I think it would be fun!!

Sully said...

My best friend went to school in Findley, OH!

ezra_pandora said...

Andrea: I know!! I'm like ok, don't act all excited and freaky and make her run. Calm down. and don't be a nerd!! lol

Yep, I live in Toledo, 45 min north of Findlay. My trainer's girlfriend, who's my friend too, has a horse that she shows down there for training.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I hope it goes well for you and your visit. I had a dissapointing experience meeting once blogger in person and, like you, now I feel more cautious, and although still excited about meeting fellow blog friends in person, also a little more cynical and realistic about it, too.

Sometimes people act one way online and are totally different in person. Also stuff can sometimes get so garbled and mixed up going between online and real life.

I hope you have a great time, though and have lots of fun. Just relax and be yourself :)


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And eat lots of Oreos! hehe

Mrs Mom said...

OMG!! THAT IS SOOOOO FREAKING COOOL!!!!! If you DO wind up able to meet BECG, PLEASE give her a huge hug from me too!!! This is for SURE someone that I hope to meet someday. ;) So y'all have a BLAST up there!!! (And I'm with Lisa too..hehehe.. eat lots of

ezra_pandora said...

Lisa: I'm sorry you had a bad experience, I hope that doesn't happen. I THINK I'm about the same as I present while blogging. Maybe it's just in my head :) I will post again if we do get a chance and how it all goes. I'm so excited! Sorry, had to throw that in again.

MM: I will give her a hug, if she lets me close enough, hehe. She might run as soon as she sees my big goofy smiling face. lol We might eat some Tony Paco's!!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I've had the opportunity to meet several people IRL that I had "known" on the internet for awhile. So far it has always been a fun experience! I have heard of people having bad experiences but I think that is just the odds of life really. It isn't like people who we have always known in person haven't disappointed us either. Have fun with your meet-up!

Leah Fry said...

That is very cool! If you're ever in North Texas or Southern Oklahoma, LMK.

kdwhorses said...

No way! How cool is that!?!?! She is defintley one blogger I would LOVE to meet! Give her a hug from me as well, and we want some pictures of the meeting! I've got to meet a fellow blogger before and she was great, just like she was online. I meet The Wife from Gizzards and Calf Fries last year. It was great!

ezra_pandora said...

Melissa: You are pretty close to us, taking into consideration the whole US. After I figured out kinda where you were, I told my husband we'll have to plan on a detour next time we go south :))

Leah: Uh oh, you just opened yourself up to a visit too!! After I posted today about not being able to meet with BEC, I said my hubby was already trying to figure out how to go see HER, lol. My husband wants to move west either northwest or south west, so

kdw: I'm glad you got to meet someone, it's so cool to get the chance :) I'm glad your meeting went well.

Andrea said...

Who does your friend have her horse with? I miss Findlay. It was fun going to college there. Great horse show country too!!

ezra_pandora said...

I don't know offhand what his hame is. I met him once, he's really cool. He's got something with his legs, like he's either bow legged or maybe has a little bit of a limp or something. Super cool guy. Has glasses, is a little shorter.


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