Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time limits

Man o day. Our boss decided last week that it was US TWO employees going online "all day long" that was causing our system to slow down. Never mind all the surfing he does and watching steaming videos and all THAT, it's all our fault. So now we are attempting to limit our internet usage to our whole 1/2 hour of lunch time :(( I MISS EVERYONE!!! I didn't realize how much I was actually getting online during work!! And I got to read a whole TWO BLOGS during my lunch. This sucks!!!! And I'm usually too busy at home or my hubby occupies the net the entire afternoon (looking up the same darn things every. single. day) and I can't get on. I might have to designate Wednesdays as MY day!! lol. How do you all do it?? How do you work and still find time to read your however many blogs? I have like 20? And I think that really isn't that many since not every single person blogs every single day. Hmmmm. Maybe I need to get in early (HA!) or stay late (double HA!).

In any case, I have so many things I want to post about, and I will. Eventually. I have my hat blog about my awesome handmade hat from Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch that I got ages ago and had hubby take pictures of so I could post. Still haven't. Blog about my Ouchies I won from the Funky Monkey blog. I got some cute pics and a little video of my little one digging in because he conveniently got an owie the day after we got them, lol. Like I had ANY doubt that would happen. I finally got a little video of my girl when she rolls and then bucks and kicks off that I wanted to post. Of course she had to do it in the furthest corner of the arena, so she's far away and enshrouded in a cloud of dust. But I still got it!! lol.

Anyhow, hope everyone is doing good and is writing lots of interesting things for me to read and catch up on. lol

Sigh. Some day.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The nerve of your boss actually wanting you to work while you're at worl...LOL!
It's crazy how addictive blogging can be, isn't it? If I go a few days without checking in to my favorite blogs I feel as if something very important is missing.
Blogging has been my main source of support during my accident, surgery, and healing. It's provided me great distraction from the pain, frustration and boredom, too.

There is something to be said about focusing others to get your minds off yourself. :)

But, yeh, I'm on the 'puter way too much. I have to remind myself to take breaks and get off it all the time. lol!

Maybe your Boss needs a reminder every now and then, too?


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I was wondering where you had wandered off too! Sorry your boss is being so cranky.

backattheranch said...

Its hard to find the time!! That is why I probably dont blog as much as I would like too. Oh well! :)

Roxmysox said...

I seem to be addicted to not keeping still at the moment, as soon as I stop doing one thing I have another thing lined up ready to start. I wish there were more hours in the day ! Then I could maybe keep up with things a bit more.

Mrs Mom said...

Miss you too Ezra!!!! Kick your boss ;)

Come visit when you can, and always feel free to email!!!! (I'd say call, but damn.. I am almost never near the phone these days....)

How do i get time? ummmmm.... I kinda dont lots of days. And I have a tough time leaving comments most days, even though I do go and read.

Right now for instance- I should be in BED- SLEEPING- but it is the ONLY time I can get to the puter without bribing hubby for it/ dealing with children/ feeding horses/ feeding dog/ cleaning/ laundry/ dealing with clients.... you get the

Hang in there you addict! ;)

ezra_pandora said...

LOR: I KNOW!!! How rude!! lol It just stinks. He's always said he doesn't care if we go online as long as we are getting our work done, but now it's all about the server supposedly being slow. Probably because of him, but whatever. And yes, blogging is soooo addictive. I'm so nosey too, I HAVE to keep up on everyone, lol. I think you can get good information, good entertainment and even live vicariously through others in the blogging world.

Melissa: I know, I felt like I was lost! lol

Backattheranch: I know, I guess either I'll have to temporarily cut back or just make sure I'm good to go on my lunch so I can keep up! lol

Rox: I know, I wonder what would happen to the world if we added a 13th hour? lol

Mrs Mom: You don't know how close to kicking my boss I am even without this whole internet limitation thing!! lol And YOU definitely have much more to do than we do because you have your horses there with you and not paying someone else to feed them and all that good stuff. We still have to go out to clean stalls and ride them though. I will manage in time. I just have to get used to it. Maybe steal these little moments away and type my buns off in record time! lol


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