Thursday, March 5, 2009

Darn it!!

Ok, that about sums it up. BrownEyed Cowgirls called me last night after they got to their hotel for the night. Unfortunately for our plans, THEIR plans had changed, so they will not be coming over this way. Her honey got a call about a lead down in Charleston, so they are now heading south. I was soooo disappointed :( But I hope something turns up for her sweetie, so it's ok!! It's not a bad thing at all. We chit chatted for about an hour, hour 1/2 on the phone and it was really cool! I hope she doesn't think I'm a dork. When I'm a little nervous I tend to talk really fast and like I'm out of breath, and giggle like I'm 10 years old, not 30. She was telling me so much stuff, I wish I had had a notepad to write it all down!! I learn so much from her.

So there it is, we will not meet this time, but maybe some other time. BEC, if you read this, my husband's already forming ideas of how to come visit YOU out west!! lol So beware!! I hope you had a wonderful trip and I know you were taking a ton of pictures, so I can't wait to see them all :)


Andrea said...

Oh that stinks!! It would have been so much fun!! But next time.

Mrs Mom said...

OMG!! SOUTH!! Thats HERE!!! LOL... gee does she have internet access on the road? Man I'd LOVE to meet her and HoneyMan!!

Sorry you didnt get to though Ezra. But it rocks that you two got to talk so long!!

Mrs Mom said...

OK, so I'm confused, like usual, BUT!! Theres Charleston WV,,,, AND!! Charleston SC, which is even closer to me than where I *was* thinking! LOL

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh Bummer :(

It sounds like you had an awesome time just chatting on the phone, though.

That was one thing the blogger I mentioned and I never did was chat on the phone before meeting in person. In hindsight, I think that might have made a difference in gauging personalities better (for her and I). You can tell a lot more about a person on the phone then in e-mails.

But it's ok. I have met other bloggers in person and had totally positive experiences. And I won't let one bad experience overshadow any future opportunities in meeting up with oher blog friends.....

So when ya coming to New Mexico?


ezra_pandora said...

LOR: Definitely. That's one of the worst things about writing and emails, you can never tell the tone the person is using and sometimes that misconstrues completely what someone is saying.

Uh oh, you opened yourself up to!! lol My hubby's going to have a hay day planning out visits to all these strangers, lol. I was actually in Cimmeron New Mexico in 1997 and I told him how much I loved it while I was there (hiking with boy scouts, hehe) and I'd have no problem living there if it was always like that. Who knows, maybe someday we will just plan a two week trek around the US :))

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

That's too bad that it didn't work out. :(

Roxmysox said...

Ahh what a shame, but theer is always ther chance that you can do it some other time.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Awww-I was disappointed not to get to meet you guys. LOVED talking to you on the phone. And thanks for leaving Mrs Mom's number, so I could visit with her too. I have both of you in the "bat phone" now.;)

Sounds like Chris will be moving a unit out east to pick up some work there, so we will have the opportunity to head that way again.

And of course, you guys are always welcome to come visit this way too!!


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