Thursday, March 12, 2009

Interesting give aways

Don't get too excited. I'M personally not giving anything away, yet, but here is a website that was emailed to me by Ron at the delightful English Toffee Anytime, who you all know I LOVE to pieces. The toffee, not Ron, although he seems pretty cool too :) lol Anyhow, if you go to Funky Monkey, this stay at home mom does giveaways like crazy because she's a tryer person. Just go and check it out. I actually won something on the third item that I commented on. They are Ouchies and they are design your own type bandages. I can't wait to get them because lord knows we use enough with my boys!! And they will have so much fun designing their own.

Anyhow, Susannah at Funky Monkey is giving away these awesome brushes with ladies images on them. I think there is one brush that identifies each lady who reads this blog. Everyone uses brushes right? So hop on over there and check them out and leave a few comments and see if one of us can't be one of the TWO lucky winners. And if you do win, let me know. That would be so cool!!

So here I am plugging for this wonderful blog. Go, go visit and see what you can win!!!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Funky Monkey! What a great name for a blog. hehe

I hope you'll post about those bandaids. They sound cool.

The other day, after Jax harassed one of our cats (grouchy Oreo) he came upstairs sporting at least 10 little bandaid strips up his arm. gah! After I washed awy all the blood and got down to the basics, there was really only two small claw gouges on his arm.

Yep, we go through some serious bandaid useage around here, too. lol!


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Isn't that weird???

kdwhorses said...

Bandaids~I think as parents we should buy stock with the bandaid companies! We go through alot of them too! But like I tell hubby if a bandaid makes it feel better, than why not?!?! Would love to hear and see about them too!

I'm going to have to break down and order some of the toffee!

Andrea said...

Oh, I love that Toffee!! It's sooooo good!! And my kids wear band aids like they are a fashion excessory, LOL!! I just buy the plain ones now. It got to be too expensive.


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