Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter bunny discovered

But thankfully not over though. So I went shopping yesterday morning and got all the goodies to make the boys small easter baskets to take to virginia for the easter bunny to give them. Unfortunately shortly after I got home, I got a call from the daycare saying that my little guy was sick and he had to go home. He had a temperature of 101 or so and he's been having one on and off for the past week and 1/2 or so. So, I hurried up and put everything into my bedroom in a corner behind some stuff and went to get him. After I got home I called the doctor to make an appointment since this thing he's got just wasn't going away. The appt was right at the same time I was supposed to get big guy from school, so I called my dad and he went to get him from school while I took little guy to the dr. Unfortunately as soon as I walked in the door from the doctors (little guy has another ear infection, grrrr), big guy comes tearing out of the living room screaming, "THE EASTER BUNNY CAME!!! THE EASTER BUNNY CAME!!!!!" I was like oh. Really?? I look at my dad and he mouths "sorry! I went down to the basement just for a second." Well, for the first time EVER, big guy decided to change out of his school clothes as soon as he got home and unfortunately, his dresser with shirts is in my bedroom right where the easter stuff was. I have to yell at that boy constantly to change out of his school clothes and the one time he WANTS to, of course there's something there. So I just acted really excited and said yay!! Then he asked why the easter bunny left the easter grass in the bag (lol, I just said that lazy bunny!!!) and why there weren't eggs anywhere (I usually hide easter eggs with a couple pennies, stickers or little candies in them, well, didn't get a chance to!!). I was like oh, well, he was probably in such a hurry to get you your baskets before you left. lol So yeah. He didn't question if the easter bunny exists though, so safe for this time!! lol

Thank you all for being interested in my blog. I hated to make it private because I really don't have a whole lot to hide. I just don't want my creepy ex-empoyers reading about my life since they weren't too interested about what I had to say before giving me the boot Friday. After everything is over and done with there (I'm trying to get unemployment and I really won't know for sure if I can get it for about 2-3 weeks) before I get back to normal. So thanks for bearing with me. And in all honesty, I thought I'd have all sorts of time on my hands to get things done around the house and be sitting blogging, but I really havn't surprisingly. The kids and life's other little surprises (getting the gas turned off at the house of all times when it's snowing and 30 degrees) have kept me rolling and on my toes. So hopefully things will settle down soon. I have a horse show to go watch a photographer with this thurs and friday and then we'll be leaving sat for Virginia until tuesday when we come back. Then I have another show NEXT thursday through sunday to watch. So I'll be super busy then too. Just crazy I tell ya!!

Have a great day and hope someone else out there is keeping warm :)


Roxmysox said...

That's just about typical of kids - mine would never get changed either unless there just happened to be something they shouldn't see or something I needed them to do straight away !

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I'm glad you bought some more time with the Easter Bunny! My nephews are both old enough now that they are past the fun stage but niece still believes in Santa and the Easter Bunny. The boys have been threatened within an inch of their lives about not spoiling it for the rest of us!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Cracking up at that lazy Easter Bunny forgetting to pull the grass out of the bags. lol!

My boys found out the truth about the EB this year. (They are 12 already!hah!) They were a little crushed but they liked that they were going to be included in making Easter fun for their little sister.

We also told the the truth about Santa, too. And one of the twinlings cried. So sad. (I found out later, it was only because he thought he woulnd't gert anymore pressies! lol)
The other twinling thought it was so amazing that me and his Daddy kept up this secret for so long, while making sure they had pressies and magic even when we were struggling badly financially. He was so grateful.
That was so sweet.

Anyway, I'm glad you're staying busy. That'll help keep your mind off everything. But I hope you'll keep in touch :)
Have a safe and fun trip to VA.

Happy Easter!!


Leah Fry said...

My son burst into tears when I told him about Santa. He was 8, and I wanted him to hear it from me rather than his smart ass little friends.

Nice recovery though -- lazy bunny, indeed!

And a busy life means an interesting blog.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Dude, I feel so dumb! I have been waiting for new posts to show up on the bloggie thingie and...nuthing! It finally dawned on my just now, that since you have went private the new post titles won't show up. Ding-ding-ding!

LOL-The easter bunny still comes to our house and santa too. We all really enjoy getting little extra presents.;)

Roxmysox said...

BEC - you're not the only one - D'oh !
So glad you pointed it out.


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