Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life and all that comes with it

Ok, this being private thing kind of sucks. Seeing the comments made that no one can tell if there's a new post stinks too. I don't want everyone taking up their time to check all the time to see if I have one if I don't. Although it does make me happy that people want to hear about my posts about nothing. lol Does it really not show up when you log into your blogger dashboard thingy or whatever? I noticed on Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind that her blog roll shows my last update was two friday's ago. So, I will have to contemplate going back public and not caring who sees what. I would hope the people at my ex-place of employment would have better things to do, but sometimes I know they don't. My ex-coworker STILL spies on a coworker that had quit about a year ago. So I know SHE doesn't have anything better to do. I don't think she knew I had a blog, but if my loose lipped boss told her, then she will. Not that I care, I don't work there anymore. Hmmmm. Ok. Maybe I will end up going back.

So I have not had any further blogs since my Easter bunny discovered post. Which still makes me laugh and giggle at my goofy children. Big one is almost 8. I don't know sometimes if he knows and just plays along or if he really doesn't know. Honestly I don't remember how old I was when I found out. Ok, I should say when I found out and when I believed there wasn't. Because I think my friend and I discussed it once that we kept hearing Santa wasn't real, but we really didn't believe he wasn't real, so we tried to ignore everyone. Denial is the first step right? lol We were goofy kids. I think her mom had her read that book, "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa" and we just agreed to say there was a real Santa at one point, but that was a long time ago, so parents have to help him, or something silly like that. Our Easter was ok. My dad hid plastic Easter eggs with some candy in it so that way I could at least take SOME pictures of something Easter to put in a scrapbook. Since I didn't get pictures of the boys taking their Easter goodies out of the Walgreens bags. lol Then when we get out there to find the eggs, I start taking pictures and after the third picture, my camera battery dies. Just my luck right? Nothing else went as planned, why should that?? lol I just kept turning the camera back on and telling the kids to freeze every time they found an egg so that I could get a pictures quick before it turned off.

I've been so slammed this past week. Monday and Tuesday I was so busy trying to get everything ready for Virginia, Tuesday around noon they turned off our gas so we had no hot water or heat, and they didn't turn it on until Wednesday evening around 6pm, so I spent from 6pm to about 10 pm trying to do every piece of laundry we had so I got everything for the trip. Thurs and Friday I went to Lansing (about 2 hours away) for the horse show to help the photographer. Then Friday my husband and I figured that we wouldn't be able to spend a whole lot of time together because things on the work sight weren't going quite as planned and it was taking a lot longer, so no point in us wasting gas and wear and tear on vehicle to just not see him anyhow. So we didn't end up going to VA. I crashed on Saturday. I had to go clean stalls. Sunday my dad went to the barn with me and we rode and picked stalls again. Then we had a nice Easter dinner with us and the boys. I saved some HoneyBaked ham for the hubby though so he could get some. Sunday night I went through the paper and applied for 2 more jobs. Unemployment requires you to apply to at least 2 jobs a week. But I highly doubt with so many people being off that they will check. But I still want a job so I will do what it takes. If my dumb printer was working, I could have applied for a third. Why can't everyone just be electronic?? lol Then Monday I relaxed. Go some dishes done. Hung out with my big guy who's out of school for spring break this week. Yesterday we just hung out. At lunch I got a call that little guy was hitting everyone in school and that I needed to come get him. I'm tired of that place. The only reason Tater's going there is to learn how to get along with other kids. I can teach him his abc's, colors and shapes at home, but I cannot teach him how to be with other kids unless he's with other kids. And he's starting kindergarten this fall. Kind of important to be able to behave with other kids. I also got some inside info that they do kind of target him. I was told that if a kid isn't behaving and they are ornery (like most 5 year olds are) they will call the parents to come get them and make up reasons why the kid was bad or they will just say the kid is sick. Nice huh? yeah. They keep asking if my unemployment has went through or what we are doing (they said that to me first thing as I went to pick him up yesterday for getting in trouble) and I just told her I don't know yet. I do know. I believe I will be getting it and that my ex-employer won't be fighting it and I will be getting the state max amount, but I don't think I want him to go back there. Schools going to be hard enough as it is without him having a sign over his head. So, we will begin the search allllll over again for a decent daycare for him for if/when I get a job and over the summer for both of them. yipee. not.

Then yesterday we got food poisoning from Taco Bell (now known as Toxic Hell). I love taco bell with a passion. We eat it all the time without incident. But yesterday, man oh day. I had nachos and taco supreme and my big guy had a regular taco. Well, I didn't eat my taco supreme and gave it to my dad. Yeah, later on all three of us were sick to our stomachs. Little guy didn't have any and he's fine. Big guy threw up around 8pm. I made myself throw up at 10:30pm because I was jealous of big one feeling better, lol, and my dad informed me this morning when he came over that he wishes he had made himself too because he's miserable. What a great daughter I am, poisoning my dad. lol.

Our hermit crab moved on as well. Stupid me kept seeing that he didn't have water and uh, kept saying that I'd do it in a minute and kept forgetting. I found his poor little body outside of his shell in his water dish :( Rest in peace hermit crab.

Well, that's it in a nutshell. Hubby is coming home today. I'm supposed to have a lesson, which by the way has been going EXCELLENT. I will make my next post all about that instead of gross stuff and my whining. lol The trainer is just astounded at what my girl does when she goes to pick up her left lead in a lope. So I'll attempt to explain all that good stuff, and go back through to our "ah-ha!!!" moment when it all clicked and what I was doing wrong as well. So, talk to everyone in a bit. I have another horse show to watch this weekend, thankfully a LOT closer than 2 hours away. It was miserable getting up at 4:30 am to leave by 5:30 and get to the place at 7:30. Only to leave at 9:30 at night and get home at 11:30 to do it all again the next day! lol So that won't be the case this time. Friday funnies may have to wait another week as well. I'm kind of liking this being lazy thing for once. Do you know, it's been over 15 years since I didn't have a job to go to? Aside from 8 weeks off and barely 6 weeks off when I had the boys, I've worked solid jobs since I was 15, and heck, I even went to college during that time as well!! So, for the time being, I'm kind of enjoying not HAVING to go out to a job that I truly disliked. When I find my next one, it will be better for sure :) Enjoy your day all!!


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I think you should enjoy your time off and make the most of it! I was tired after reading all that you've been up to. You really worked with some craaaaazy people at your job!

Roxmysox said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one up to my neck in kids and chaos. I'm actually looking forward to them all going back to college etc next week even though it will mean that I have to get up an hour earlier.
Make the most of your "spare" time while you have the chance.

Mrs Mom said...

Girlfriend, Time OFF to be a MOM rocks. I hope you can enjoy every possible second of it!!!! TO THE FULLEST!!!!

And yeah, when you go private, it wont show on blog rolls. I forgot that you went private... bad Mrs Mom!! ;)


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