Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wedding pics!!

Leah Fry over at Barn Door Tagz posted about her love for her hubby and some of their history in her Endless Love post. I'm not really the romantic, and I personally don't believe there is only one single person for everyone in this world. There was an excellent quote in Parade magazine (in the Sunday newspaper) from an actor who has been married to his wife for a really really long time. I'll be darned if I can't find it. It hit my opinion right on the mark and basically said that it takes more than just love to be able to make it, and I think that's right. I'm not going to go into all of my thoughts on love, relationships and marriage, as I am sure I'm not the most qualified to do so :) although it might be entertaining. lol

So in light of our 6 year anniversary yesterday, here is our history. When I was younger, I had been going to a country bar with one of my great friends since I was 18. Didn't drink obviously (not there anyhow, hehe) but really just went to socialize and dance. My friend had an older sister who had been going to that bar for quite some time before us, but since she knew everyone, we kind of hung out with her and her people. Well, after going there for about 2 years, my friend and I had got together with some of the people to go to a local rodeo. I think it was part of the Midstates Rodeo circuit. Anyhow, two of the guys in the group were bull riders and were entered for that weekend. This is when I met my hubby, who I already knew, but didn't really KNOW know. You know? lol We went and I drove. He had to sit up front because in my little Jeep Cherokee, he was too squished in the back. The other guy was already there because, well, it was being held at his parents' riding center and he lived there. We all got along great and truth be told, I don't recall who covered and who didn't, I was too smitten with the guy whose parents owned the riding arena. He was quite the player though, and my hubbys best friend (hehe, I know, sounds bad). Anyhow, after leaving that rodeo, my friend also introduced me better to the friend and I started hanging out with him. We dated for a few weeks and it just kind of fizzled out. A couple months later we all went to another rodeo and again, my hubby rode up front with me. While we were there, it got kind of cold that night, so he let me and my friend huddle under his jacket. It was kind of crowded and I told my hubby to move his big butt over. I don't know why, but that caught his attention. I was being a little pissant and he thought it was cute!! lol After that we kind of started talking more and then one night at the bar, he asked me if I still lived at home. I was 20. I said unfortunately yes. He asked if I was looking for a place. (at this time we were just friends, so I thought. I didn't have any real attraction connection so to speak with him) I said not really, but eventually I'd love to move out to the country. Well, his mom had passed away about 2 months prior to that and he was kind of looking for a roommate to help defer costs. Hmmmmm. I said well, I'd have to think about it. I had a nice steady job and not a whole lot of expenses (of course, that was living at HOME,lol), so after going out and seeing my huge like 20x30 foot room (basically the whole 2nd floor of the farm house) that I was allowed to paint and do whatever I wanted with, and no neighbors for at least 1/2 mile, I said SURE!! So in June 2000 I moved in, in Sept. we were engaged, Oct. I was pregnant, and in June 2001 we had our older boy :) Yeah, we moved fast, I know. lol But if you can sit and talk to someone about everything and anything (with nothing physical going on, well, not at first, lol, I'm extremely fertile apparently), have HORSE interest in common, and throw pop caps at each other for TWO HOURS while talking, you know there's something there. lol We had started the annulment process because me being Catholic, in order to have the marriage blessed in a Catholic Church (he's Methodist), he was married before and we had to have an annulment. But after only meeting twice with the priest (who I was sooo unimpressed with anyhow), he basically waived his hand at us and said, you already have a kid, you might as well just go downtown and have a civil service. Nice huh?? Yeah, we thought so too. So instead of having a huge wedding and feeding a ton of people we never see and don't know us anyhow, we decided to go to Vegas. Where else can you wear cowboy hats IN CHURCH?? I think I wrote about that in a separate post before. (this old age is catching up to me, lol) So we flew out, my friend that lived there was the bridesmaid, the friend (who I dated) flew out too and was the best man and a bunch of my family went out. Basically everyone except my one sister in MS. It was a blast and a time we'll obviously never forget. Since my dear hubby got us a new printer that scans as well, hehe, I can scan in my pictures now!! So here there are:

First things first, picture of the the church, Little Church of the West. It has some really really famous people who have gotten married there. I liked it best because it was about the only church in Vegas that wasn't sterile white! It was more cozy.

Here is a picture of my famous footwear, lol. I didn't have a western dress, but I sure did have some white Justin lacers!! I had to fold my boot socks over the top though because the little lace hooks on the top of the boot kept catching on my little poofy slip, and I didn't want that snagging. So yeah, this was the solution and everyone thought it was so funny.

No Vegas wedding would be complete without some Elvis. He was excellent. Here he was, after sweating (he really wasn't) he tapped his face and then wrapped it around my neck and so I was swooning. Can you tell? lol It amused everyone there too. Even Elvis and the priest.

Here we are, the newly married happy couple.

This is my most favoritest picture of us.

Here we are with Elvis:

Here is the wedding party:

And that about does it. We are still here and happy 6 years later. I say you just can't beat a destination wedding. Fast, fun, and totally worth it.


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I LOOOOVE your wedding pictures! I keep telling Jason I want to renew our vows in Vegas with Elvis at our side. I think it would be fun and memorable and something different!

Leah Fry said...

I am cracking up! Ez, you are full of surprises, aren't you?

And by the way, I said IF it's true there's but one true love for each of us. I don't believe it either.

So tell us, is it true that bullriders do it best?

jen098 said...

Well, I know there are a lot of men who didn't fall into the catagory of true love! The man I am with now is perfect....for me. I mean I came into his life with horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, rats...etc. We are planning our wedding right now. I am too nervous to post about it, yet. In fact I think I blog so I don't become a bridezilla...We are getting a friend ordained to marry us! So it should be a riot! I love your Elvis!

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness!! What fun!! I love your wedding pictures! And girl, I so wore my cowboy boots under my wedding dress! How else and I supposed to dance?

What was the name of the bar you went to? We always hit up Brandy's in Findlay or Nashville's in Toledo. I was a line dance aholic!!

ezra_pandora said...

Melissa: Thanks. You know, if you are going to Vegas to renew your vows, Elvis can OFFICIATE the wedding. He just can't for a regular normal wedding. :)) Make it fun! I hear so many people lamenting about the stress of their big weddings and I'll forever be glad I didn't have that.

LF: You are completely right and I had intended to put that IF in there :) I had forgotten though. I had also meant to add in there that I can find SOMETHING good looking on just about anyone. I think everyone has something that is handsome/pretty. And as to bull isn't anything else like em (at least not mine, hehe) and I'll leave it at that!!

jen: CONGRATS!! Best of luck on your nuptuals. Have fun, it's only one day in many more to come, so don't stress!

Andrea: Brandy's I believe is now a hip hop club (only went there once and it was supposed to be "country night" and more than 1/2 of the music was rap, blah) Yes, it was the beloved Nashvilles, which is no longer. Kip, the owner, who also owns 1/2 the bars in Toledo, ruined it, then moved it, then renamed it, moved it back and now it's closed. So yeah. And line dancing was the only dancing for me because it was calculated. I'm NOT a good dancer, so it was great for me!! lol

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

What an awesome story!

Heat and passion are great, but I have to tell ya...having a best friend is the bomb!

You guys look wonderful in your wedding pics. My Honey and I just aren't sure what to do for our wedding...if we ever get around to getting married-LOL. His first wedding was in Vegas-kind of a big shin-dig. I wouldn't mind getting married just like you guys did though.

kdwhorses said...

Great post! Love the wedding pics! I agree no need to stress over the big day! We went to the JP and went about our day!

ezra_pandora said...

BEC: Your comment makes me thinks there has been talk and something is beginning to pan out though, hehe. Like I said, I definitely recommend it. I got many comments about how it was the most fun wedding anyone in attendance had been to. They could have just been being nice though.


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