Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hissy fits

Since when did 7 become the new 14? My 7 year old is throwing the "I hate you" tantrums like teenagers do. "You ALWAYS boss me around." "Why do I ALWAYS have EVERYTHING?" "Leave me alone!!!" Where did I go wrong with him? And so young too. I know I was a little drama queen when I was little, but he's a BOY! He's always been sensative. I don't know if that had to do with him being watched by my dad, who babied him to no end, when he was young because I was working and going to school at the same time or what. My 4 year old is definitely not like that. He throws temper tantrums, but they are usually in protest. The Big One usually throws them just because. And they come out of the blue. Like this morning for instance. I told him to get dressed. He's usually great about that. He gets his shirt on and I just yelled to him from the kitchen, "you getting dressed?" He yells back from the living room in a whiney voice, "YES, why do you ALWAYS have to ask ME that? AGHHH. You never LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" and runs crying to his bedroom. I was like what the..??? Man o day. Must be the Irish from DADDY'S coming out. lol How do I deal with that??

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Sully said...

I have three sons.

The 10 year old that cries to get his way because I guess maybe his mom breaks down and gives in to him like that because it doesn't work at our house. He is a great kid...this is just the tantrum portion.

The 6 year old "victim". Seriously, the boy thinks if something goes wrong that we did it just to be mean to him. He has had fallout tantrums from age 1 that would include banging head on ground. Those stopped, but he still is a DRAMA LLAMA.

The 5 year old I DIDN'T DO IT so it must me your fault kid. If he miss places something and can't find it I will tell him where it is and he will ask me, in a voice like I offended him, why I put it there. OBVIOUSLY he couldn't have just not put it where it belonged.

I think each of them were born with their own little way of dealing and they will all turn out just fine. Though the parents will surely tell them...I HOPE YOU HAVE TWO KIDS JUST LIKE YOU TO PAY YOU BACK FOR ALL OF THIS :)


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