Monday, November 24, 2008


Man o' day. I can't believe it's already been a week since I last posted!! And how about it already being almost THANKSGIVING??? Sheesh. Where has the time gone already? I am in no way close to being ready for Christmas, that's for sure.

Here's an update on my mare. Nothing. lol How's that for new and interesting? I rode last Tuesday night. She bolted from one corner of the arena to the other, scaring the bajezzus out of the two younger girls riding with me. lol Then I rode on Saturday and Sunday (yesterday). I have come to one conclusion. We have to move to a warmer climate. I think my mare has a phobia or something against the cold. Seriously. We had the trainer out to train her in I think March and April, you know, when it was still really cold, but slowly starting the spring thaw. At least here in Northwest Ohio. She was goofy most of the time, but the later it got into our training, and near the end when I could start riding outside, she started getting better and better. Better as in more calm, not as spooky, slowed down drastically and was starting to get a clue of what we were asking of her. Over summer she had little moments, but they were rare and few and far between. We thought she was just coming along great and getting over her issues. It's now starting to get very cold, like in the 20's or less, and she's acting like a little psycho freaky dink again. I do feel better in one sense though because trainer's girlfriend was out and her show horse is the exact same way and does the same thing. yay! He's even inside in a heated arena, gets exercised almost every day, etc. and he still acts goofy in the winter.

My problem is this. I don't know really what to narrow it down to or what to do. Is she always going to be like this just because it's cold out? Does she just not like riding in the indoor arena (always been a somewhat problem, even in summer)? Does she mysteriously jump start as if someone is smacking her butt because the barn roof has tiny leaks that make little drops on her back and rump so she keeps expecting that, even while riding in the arena? Is this something we can get her past? Is it because she's not out to run every single day? I don't think the last one is it because when it rained so hard and they were all stalled for a month, I hopped right on and she rode like a dream. So I guess what I'm trying to think about is that I have a new project and I hope to heck I can handle this and that I'm ready. As a rider, am I confident enough in my ability to sit enough unexpected spooks and jumps and bolts? We are going to find out because I'll be darned if I let that mare sit another winter and not do anything at all. She was somewhat calmer yesterday, but she still had her little jump starts that would catch me off guard. By the end of winter I should be able to ride anything! lol. I'm seriously going to think about asking the barn owner if I can ride outside if it's not too wet or snowing out because even when it was colder in the spring, she did much much better outside. So if she rides good outside (unfortunately where the COLD ground will be frozen and hard as rock), I can safely assume maybe it's something about the indoor arena and the only thing that I suppose will help there is to ride, ride, ride.

I did try Mrs. Mom's idea of picturing myself having the perfect ride. Visualizing everything just absolutely perfect and flowing. I did that Friday night as I fell asleep and you know what? I realize that in each visualization, I was wearing a TANK TOP!!! So it was WARM out!! lol. So there must be my sign. Time to move to a warmer climate. lol

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