Friday, November 7, 2008

Today's Assortment

I actually had some really funny things to post today, but I forgot them at home. That's what happens to me all the time lately. I forget everything. If I don't tell someone to remind me, or if I don't email myself or leave posty notes, I forget about it, whatever it is. Anyhow, so today is just going to be an assortment or mish mash of things. Oh I know, hodge podge. I used to love that when I was in elementary school. Ok, on with the subjects at hand. I could probably do individual posts for each thing too. But I won't. Maybe I will. Ok, I think I will post about maybe just two things. lol I'm so indecisive.

Here are the boys in their Halloween costumes with my brother's kids as well. Mine are the Clone Trooper and the cowboy. I kick myself because I meant to get around the holster and cap gun, but I figured with everything he'd be ok. Don't want to over accessorize the little BOY. lol

I feel bad for the niece. Always surrounded by the boys. No wonder she looks so fretful. I'm never going to have a girl, hubby has 4 boys total, he's just not a girl maker. I don't know if my brother and his wife are going to have more kids either. Of course we are only two of the 5 siblings and there are total 15 grand kids we've produced (if you count steps, there's another, at least 5). Hmm, not even a whole Dugger clan. hehe. They had a good time and got a great stash. They got lots of compliments, 3 out of 4 kids being of the Star Wars type. Cowboy got asked where his horse was and he told them he didn't have one!! I was like uh, yeah ya do, what do you call your horse Sis then???? Silly boy.

My girl I believe is not doing well. Not sick, but sore. I rode her for about 5 minutes yesterday and I could just feel. I asked hubby if she looked funny because she was feeling off just walking. He said yeah, she looks like she's sore and her rear left leg was kind of dragging more than she usually drags it. I know that sounds bad. She's not gimping along or anything, but she always drags her rear legs. She always has if she's going slow. The faster we go she doesn't do that. Anyhow, I got off and he walked her so that I could see it and yeah, she's limping a little and kind of dragging it. It makes her hips swagger a little more than normal. So if she's that sore just walking slowly, then no riding until we can get it figured out whether it be a chiro or a vet or both. Something will be happening here soon. Poor girl. I feel so bad for her.

Ok, I was going to do more, but I think I will hold off. So just the one for today. Sorry for sounding so scatterbrained. Have a great relaxing weekend!!

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