Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Take my son to work today

Ok, I love how they have take your daughter to work day, but what about sons? Did it change to take your kid to work day? When is that anyhow? I know it's not today, but my Big One has the day off because of a convenient teacher work day (I think they just don't want all the kids being around all the strangers coming in and out of the school, which is fine by me, there are some weirdos out there). I decided to bring him to work with me because he's such a good boy. And I'm too cheap to pay an extra $30 to the sitter :)) He behaves and we always get to go out to lunch when he comes because he LOVES Salad Galley. Can you imagine that? A 7 year old that loves salad? I guess I'm lucky because he's strange like that. Anyhow, here's the bugger "hard at work" (on his computer games, of course). He loves helping out with anything that he can, like shredding stuff, getting faxes from the fax machine, getting me pop...lol.

Now if I were to take THIS one to work, which I have had the occasion to do more than once when he was getting in trouble in preschool...

I might find myself without a job. lol (this picture was when he got ahold of the scissors and gave him self a new do when he didn't like the one mom was giving him. It was right before church on Sunday and a week before he was scheduled for a haircut AND his baptism. Thank god for our lovely barber, he can work miracles!! lol) He actually got kicked out of his preschool. Now we really don't know what happened, but he got kicked out for numerous things, such as kicking a teacher in the shin so hard she almost had to go to the hospital and was all bloody, throwing chairs across the room, hitting kids, throwing things at them, etc. Funny how after he got booted from there and we started with our current sitter, he had one bad day and since then hasn't had a single "episode." I was so upset with that last daycare that I actually had him seen by a child psychologist. For what? To tell me that my kid is high energy and charge me $170 for that thought. DUH!! I live WITH him, I know that!! We hardly ever let him have candy or junk and he NEVER gets any kind of pop. He was only having these problems at the daycare and hasn't since, so I think that he was the scapegoat for some of the other "perfect little angels" and he finally had enough and was actually acting up since he got blamed anyhow. In any case, when he did come to work with me, he actually picked up the phone a couple times and said "mommy's phone, who's this?" lol Thankfully it was understanding clients. Thankfully too that my boss wasn't there. He got a stern talking to with a smirk behind it from me. :) He's done some other not so cool things that my boss let slide. Sometimes I think I have a great job, then I remember the things I don't get, like health insurance, sick leave, etc. and think twice. Oh well, guess we can't have it all, right? We've had three clients ask if he was my co-worker's kid. Yeah, she's like 24. I told her we need to say "nope, don't know who he is. He was waiting on our doorstep when we got here and we don't know what to do with him." Scare them 1/2 to death I'm sure. lol

Going out to the barn tonight. I know since the time change it will be getting dark earlier, but dang it, it's 75 degrees out!! In NOVEMBER. Yay for T-shirt weather!! I may have to just ride in the dark anyhow and enjoy it!! lol It's supposed to snow this weekend. Yay for more havoc being wreaked on my system. Oh well.

Have a good day!! I'm going to try to get some good pics of my girls today. You know, maybe one without glowing red eyes or pinned back ears :)

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