Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving for the 21st Century...

This is what my sister said to me after I told her of our Thanksgiving plans. She was stating how busy she was going to be tomorrow preparing the Thanksgiving feast for her and the 5 people she will be cooking for. She said she will probably try to do the pumpkin pie and cranberry bread today if she gets home early from work that way she will have more time for tomorrow. This is what I replied to her. "Thankfully we don't make a turkey. I have the Honey baked ham, purchased presliced, all ready to toss on a plate. Mashed potatoes courtesy of Country Crock are ready to be nuked for 5 minutes, biscuits tossed in the oven for 8 and green beans or corn nuked for 3 and voila, Thanksgiving dinner all ready." She wrote back to me, "Thanksgiving for the 21st Century. Love it." lol What can I say? I'm a horrible cook and we are simple people. It's just the four of us and the kids will eat just a little bit of whatever. I LOVE Honey Baked Ham. I think I will add to that cheesecake though because I see I was lacking in a dessert. That dinner should take less than 20 minutes, so what does that leave me with? LOTS of time. To do what?? Go out and give the horses their Thanksgiving love and treats :))) Spending all 4 days with them, and being able to actually ride while it's light out, will be great. I can't wait. I want to see if mare is crazy during the day outside too.

What are everyone else's plans? Or if you are reading this after Thanksgiving, how was your day and were there any crazy nightmares?? lol Anyone have a massive dinner to cook for say, more than 10 people? I remember when I was little and we'd go to my grandma's for dinner. She was used to cooking for 14 people (her, her husband and their 12 kids, mostly boys) so she would make enough for those 14 people even when it was just 5 of us. lol I loved it when she cooked because she was totally old school. She had no running hot water and only had wood burner stoves for both cooking and heating. Unfortunately that also mean no sewer system so you had to heat water to wash dishes then the dish water ran into the slop buckets that you had to empty outside. No SHOWER or BATH, no WASHER or DRYER. We always had to go to my aunt's house about 10 minutes away to bathe. Usually we didn't bathe because we were just up there for a day or two and then came home. Anyhow, grandma would get mad when we didn't eat all that food. lol

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone (a day early). I probably won't be blogging over the long weekend, but we'll see. Maybe I can slip on in. But I'll definitely be peeping at everyone else's. If you go out shopping at the butt crack of dawn, be careful and have fun!!


Flying Lily said...

I like your cooking style! We are going to a restaurant buffet, for the first time in my adult life. Someone else gets to do the cooking and also cleanup, and this has left me strangely idle today, a loose ends. Snow and ice and bluster outside. I'll be visiting the ponies later with warm beet pulp and supplements -- mmmmmm!

ezra_pandora said...

Hope the buffet was good. That would probably be my second option if not going to someone else's house. lol


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