Friday, December 5, 2008


In one of my first posts as an official "blogger," I posted about friends and what really constitutes one. I, as well as some commentors, posted about how it seems like you can have real friends online, maybe even better than your actual physical friends, even without ever seeing them. If I ever had doubts about people in the virtual world being friendly and "real", they are all withdrawn. Really I never had cause to have any doubts, but it appears that some of the blogs that I read have people that are or have experienced some bad, rude or just plain obnoxious behavior. I thankfully have yet to experience anything of the sort. Or if I have, I'm blissfully unaware and it isn't blatantly in my face. So for that, I send a shout out to the skies above.

What I really want to do on here is thank anyone that reads my blog, which is really mainly just the transcribing of the sometimes crazy thoughts that cross my mind at any point in time, and especially thank those that have helped me and/or given me some type of advice. BrownEyed Cowgirls has been just amazing the past two days, and previously as well, with her knowledge and attempts to help me figure out my issues with my mares. Mrs. Mom also gave me some good advice before too. These ladies are so nice for so willingly offering to give their knowledge and I am grateful to no end with their help. Mugwump Chronicles also has given great advice to me and many many others. And I know each of these ladies already have full plates in their daily lives.

I do have a trainer as I've talked about a few times, lol. Why don't I just go pay him to come out and fix my girl or see what's up? Well, I honestly would, but he works for a very well know cookware maker company, so from about mid October into about February, he's slammed. He works in the inventory area and with their lovely super high quality cookware selling like hotcakes during the Christmas season, he barely even sees trainer's girlfriend. I would feel super selfish to even ask him to come out and work with me and my girl. So to everyone that helps me, my hat's off to you and I send all the good karma that I can your way. I cannot thank you enough for any piece of advice given that helps or may help me with my horse endeavors.

Thank you.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Excellent post!
I'm glad I discovered your blog. Reading it allws me to expand my interests, my knowledge and my mind, while opening up my heart to new friendships, too.

I hope you never have to experience mean or rude behavior online while blogging. But if you do, I suppose it's just like life, we just grow a little bit tougher skin and move on. You can please everyone all the time.

For me, I don't care about differences. I cherish and respect differences and always seem to learn something new from them. I love to hear/read other opinions or thoughts if if they are different.

And besides I don't want to have a circle of clones around me. I want genuine, interesting, fun and kind friends.

You never learn or grow if all you eat every day is white rice. Give me some spices and I'm happy :)

Keep up the great blogging. I'll be back to visit again soon.

New Mexico

Mrs Mom said...

Ezra- you have no idea how much I have enjoyed getting to "know" you on here as well. Your comments on the Journal always make me laugh, and bring a smile. It has been fantastic getting to see your life here, get to know your horses and family, and I am really glad that you started blogging with us. You seem like an awesome lady, a great Momma, and a wonderful Horse Mom too!

Keep on keeping on woman, and thank YOU for the shout out!

Oh- and those who decide to be party poopers? Just remember- the best "revenge" is living really, really well! ;)

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

It is you that I need to Thank dear Ezra. Talking about such things makes my day. A person can talk hypothetically all day, but techniques only really take on a meaning when you need to use them on specific cases.
I hope any little thing I can share will help you with your endeavors with your beautiful mare.

Mrs Mom said...

Hey Ezra, pop over to HorseFeathers, and read today's post there. It might help some-- might not too, but it might be worth taking a peek at! ;) There will be more to come as

ezra_pandora said...

LOR - YOU get knowledge from MY blog?? lol I feel honored considering the info you pour into yours :) I too like differences. Everyone needs to learn how to deal with difficult things and what doesn't wear us down makes us stronger :)

MM - I love hearing about your little guys too. Sometimes I think my little one has a little clone out there! lol Thank YOU for getting me started with blogging. I had been pondering it, but you are the one that kind of pushed me over the edge :) Thanks for your post, it's difficult when you don't have all the amenities you need to try to test theories to see what's wrong. It's more difficult when you have to keep them on a line instead of a round pen or enclosed area to let the critters just run to observe.

BECG - uh oh, you don't know what you opened yourself up to :) I could thinking of millions of different little things to ask you about. Sometimes I feel like when I'm telling my specifics after someone's post that's trying to help me, they may think I'm being argumentative. I'm really not, I swear!! lol I'm just trying to give the best picture of what's going on in my position.


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