Friday, December 12, 2008

The Scribbler

Courtesy of Miss Lisa over at Laughing Orca Ranch, once again I have a cool blog award.

She says that I make her feel like we are just hanging out, in person, chatting together, that I'm a new horse owner, too and that I have the prettiest Paint Horse. I told her she's pretty alright, pretty silly. That goofy mare spooked at a bale of hay. Then as soon as I let her sniff it, she tried grabbing a big ol mouthful. It wasn't like it was hiding and jumped out, she was standing and sniffing it when she jumped!! Anyhow, Lisa, I'm glad you like my blog, and honestly, that is part of the reason I started it, because I wanted to find new people with similar or even not similar interest to simply "hang out" with and talk about my crazy stuff. That sounds egotistical, so I will change that to say, talk about EVERYONE's crazy stuff. Talking helps keep your sanity and discover new things, or new perspectives on old things. As for being a new horse owner, welllll I'm not technically new as I've had my girl for 4+ years, but it sure as heck seems like I am a new owner because of riding and how she acts and what I don't know. So we'll change that to say I'm the owner of a horse that's newly been trained to ride and that brings on a whole new requirement of knowledge. How's that? lol

Thank you Lisa for my blog award. I really like your blog too :) I discovered you through cdncowgirl's blog.

Happy Friday Everyone!! Our weekend's going to be a really cold one. Farrier (or hoof fairy as my little one calls him, he cracks the farrier up) will be out tomorrow am. Poor guy. Blazing heat or freezing cold, he's there. We keep telling him and his wife (newlyweds of about a year now) that if they want some natural birth control, they can borrow little one, but he insists he's too cute and then the wife will want 5 of them. HA.


20 meter circle of life said...

Hey commenting on your previous post re:mamo-gram.
Its COLD, its a little painful, ok its really pain full. But it will be fine. I have had several now and they just reach a level of humor. I got my first at 35, then was set to have another at 40, I just turned 40 in Oct. But Oct 07 I found something that felt like a BB under my skin- can you say freak out! So I went to my GP and was at the Hosp 2 days later for a mamo and sonogram. They said yes there is something there, it looked like chewed bubble gum. But as I was driving away they called and said can you come back RIGHT NOW- we need to look more!! WTF!! So long story short, I had a double Biopsy that Friday, and they turned out to be nothing other than fiberoids (i think thats what they called them). One was a needle biopsy and the other was more surgical with stitches and stuff, and if they do a biopsy the put a bb in your boob where they did it so they can check on it later. It was painfull for a few days and I got a massive bruise. I will say that all of the people at the Hospital were really amazing as they know how stressful the C word can be. It will be OK and its always a really good idea to have a baseline for the future. Just take remeber to take your deodorant with you as they wont let you wear any till its over and somehow that makes the whole process a little better and more human as soon as you put it on. Take care

ezra_pandora said...

Uh oh, I havn't gotten any instructions on what to or not to do/wear, etc. I'm kind of surprised at that. But I will heed your advice and at least take some with me in case they make me wash mine off or something. Yeah, your incident would definitely freak me out too. When I was about 19 I think, I felt a lump in my left arm pit and I started freaking out then. Apparently I just needed antibiotics because it was just that after I shaved, I didn't wash again (the doc said some people need to wash with soap before AND after shaving) and some bacteria must have gotten into a tiny scratch or something. Lovely. But since my mom first discovered her cancer in a lump under her arm by her breast, yeah, that's freaky to me. Thanks for the good luck wish.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! That's so cute. The hoof fairy is actually coming today for my mare.

Congrats on the award. I truly do enjoy your blog.

And now that my Alphabet Challenge is just about over, and I'm not so overwhelmed at having to post every day for 26 days....I can relax and read your blog again more often :)

New Mexico


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