Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You know the saying...

Chicks dig scars. And there's another one about scars being like tattoos but with better stories. I could talk about scars, but I don't have more than 2 or 3, and only one has a good story. So I'm going to talk about the other.

Do any of you have a tattoo? I'm pretty sure no one has any like pictured above, but hey, if you do, that's cool with me. I have two. For some reason that shocks a lot of people.

The first one I got is on my ankle and I got it about 2 months after I turned 18. (I hid it from my dad for like 3 months, hehe. I don't know why. Kind of like the swearing thing, really what are they going to do? Anyhow, here is my first one.

I had been really wanting one, but I didn't want a stupid one like a character that goes out of style, or someones name (obviously) who I won't have in my life forever. But the more you think about it, stupid is really in the eye of the owner because what's stupid to one person is cherished to another. Why did I get a black widow? I have no clue. I've always like the stories about them. I liked the idea of the females eating the male once they've done their "duty". hehe. Who knows, but I liked the picture of it and so that was my first tattoo. $50.00. Done by "The Professor." He was this cool older guy with jet black hair down to his waist, about as long as mine was at the time. Biker looking kind of person, but I always saw him walking everywhere, never driving. I got it where I did was because it was like a super sterile, clean white place. Nothing like I imagined tattoo places to be like. So here's how my experience went with the first one. I sit down, we prop up my leg. He puts on the stencil and gets his gun all ready. He gives it a few little buzzy blasts and says, "ready? I'm going to do a few little test lines with no color to make sure you're ok." So I put a death grip on the chair arms, squint my eyes and clench my butt cheeks. I'm ready. He starts it a whirling and begins his "lines." As soon as he touches down, I start laughing. He asks what? Is something wrong? I said nope, I thought it was going to hurt like heck. It tickles!!! He started laughing. Shoot. That didn't hurt at all. Well, my friend got one on her back the following summer after she turned 18 and she BAWLED almost the entire time. The lady doing it, was of course covered in tats as well and asked if I had any. I showed her mine and she said that I'd be good for a full body suit. I laughed. I was like huh uh, no way. Apparently of all the tattoo's she's gotten, the one on her ankle right where I have mine is the one that hurt her the most. She said she had three grown men holding her down so she could get it because it hurt so much. I was like, hehe, I'm cool. I've always had a high pain tolerance (heck, I had my second son sans epidural. ok, that wasn't by choice, my epidural needle fell out of my back well before I had him and they didn't want to put another one in because I was doing so well. lol).

Now for my second tat. This one is a bit....larger. When someone says tattoos are addictive, believe them. It's like Pringles, once you pop, you can't stop. Well except the popping part it's true. So, after years of mulling around what I wanted, this is what I chose. I'm showing you in black and white first....

He had to do it in two settings because of the shading and size of it, he didn't want to make me too sore. I honestly was ok but I think he was having trouble leaning over so much. I had to lean over and basically lay on my thighs. Wasn't comfortable, but I could deal. Anyhow, I had that done and had fun showing everyone. It was a major toss up whether to get it colored or just leave it the outline and shading. It was cool as it was, but I could picture it much better with color.

So here we are now when it was finished a few months later...

It's funny because when I stand up straight, it's only about 6 inches tall. But if I lean over, it spreads to like 12 inches. lol!! Everyone always gets a kick out of the incredible growing horse.

Here's what I did. I originally went to "Sailor Woody" to get an estimate and ideas of what he could do. They normally like you to have some sort of idea of what you want, and I knew I wanted a horse tattoo. I love my mare and she's got such pretty markings so I kind of wanted her incorporated into it. I then looked at my horse calendars and picked out a pose that wouldn't make it look goofy. I found a cool picture of a paint running with a herd though water. So Woody took the calendar, took a picture of my mare and meshed them, making the above tattoo. He said I was great to tattoo because I didn't move or flinch at all. He said he'd love to work on me again and maybe do some scenery around it so it's not just a horse stuck on the middle of my lower back. lol I'm not sure about scenery, but we'll see. I might go for it some day.

Anyhow, I'd love to hear from anyone else if they have any :)

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was decent. Had a nice little Thanksgiving. I rode lots. On Saturday I actually got up the courage to lope because the mare had been outside for once and she was kind of calm (for how she's been). So after lots of warm up walk and jog, I decided to lope. She did good to the right. I'm studying BECG's post about blasting out at the shoulder because my trainer always said mare drops her shoulder. I never quite got the hang of how he was explaining how to fix it though. But I know it had to do with lifting up with my hand, like BECG was saying, so I have to figure out what it all means. At this point, getting her to do anything is better than nothing, but I would like to try to fix it. Going to the left? Still not happening. I can't keep her to the wall, she'll dart right the middle of the arena and put on her breaks. She jumps around and tosses her head, throws in a few little attempted bucks, but nothing major. I just cannot get her to lope to the left what so ever. Still trying to get a chiro out there because that seemed to help for a bit last time. The trainer always had trouble getting her to go to the left too, so I don't feel horrible, but I'd like for her to be able to go both ways. Believe me, it aint pretty at all, and I try not to give up, but there comes a point in time where I simply canNOT get her to go. She starts getting too worked up and frusterated, so I have her do something else and end on a good note for the day. But I keep trying. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Have a great day all!!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I love your horse tattoo! I've been wanting a tattoo for about 3 years now. I was supposed to get one when I turned 40, but I couldn't make up my mind on the design. Nothing seemed 'perfect'. Too many choices and none perfect. kow what I mean?

I think I'd do pretty well, like you, too. I had a natural birth, by choice with my 11lb 12 oz baby girl. And it was easy and I really enjoyed the experience without any drugs.
I'd prefer to have someone experienced go with me to give me support and make me laugh. I think it would be more fun that way. Did you go by yourself?

Your mare sounds a bit like mine. She likes slow gears and her canter/lope tends to be choppy and full of little crowhops and complaints. She loves to just walk around and is perfect for me on the trails, but I'd like to work on the finesse stuff one day when I start becoming a better rider, too.

By the way thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments. I really appreciate it and I'll be back to visit you again soon.

But for now, I've got a little something for you, too:
(I made it myself)

Paint Horse Approved for you!

New Mexico

Mrs Mom said...

Ezzzrrraaaaaa!!!! Hey- forgive me for not commenting much- I am making the effort to catch up with as many folks as possible right now, while the crew is sort-of tame. (They arent QUIET, as Wrecker is howling in my ear, but they are TAME!)

LOVE your horse tat. Love it. I'd like to get one of my old Appy gelding in honor of our time together. Still miss that horse everyday...

Anyways- Dear Husband has three, and I like them on him! ;)

Your mare-- I am betting if you took a bit of time to do some extra conditioning with her to the left- IE: flexing, bending, lifting her belly, and some stifle strengthening work, that she might come around for you a bit easier. What you are describing sounds like she has a weakness there. If chrio work helped her last time, I am willing to bet there is a slight muscle imbalance, that is actually making it physically hard for her to do as you are asking. Some horses will just power through any imbalance, and some will protest.

Worth checking out, and asking your chiro about it when he comes back out! Keep us posted on how she does!

ezra_pandora said...

LOR - thanks :)) I say go for it. If you have an idea that you really like, even if it's not perfect, go for it. But yeah, I know what you mean, lol. I'm quite the perfectionist and I finally reached a point where I had to say ok, I just need to DO IT. If you gave birth naturally, you'll definitely be fine. Especially with that big of a baby!! Good for you. I went through a natural birthing class and kept saying no way jose, that's not for me, drugs all the way, etc. I did with my first one and things got somewhat hairy. But with my second one it just ended up that my epidural needle came out and by the time we figured it out, they said the harder parts were over. Funny that I remember no pain from the actual birth, just the contractions. lol.

I'm sure going with someone would be a blast. I got to thinking about it and funny enough, I went by myself all three time. lol The artists were really interesting to talk to and we just chatted the whole time about family and kids and vacations and stuff.

Yes, my mare is excellent at the slow stuff. When I lope, she's like a little race horse. I've never had her on trails yet though. She's only been broke to ride since March and we went riding out in the hay fields and for now that was enough for us. I am really hoping next summer to do some trail riding though. The barn owner has woods with trails in it on the property.

Thanks again for the Paint Horse Jewel :)) I love it. Now I just have to dink around and figure out how to put it on my blog :))

MM - Believe me, I know busy things get. I have a list of neat things I want to blog about and I never foresee myself getting them all on. In due time I'm sure :)

My hubby only has one! lol He always jokes about that too. Someday he'd like to get another. I might have to surprise him with a birthday present or something one of these days. A tat of your Appy gelding would be perfect since it's something you keep thinking about. I'm sure you'd love it.

Do you have any idea of things to work on for the conditioning? I do try to things like serpentines and circles that go from really big to smaller. But I'm just not sure what else to do. I'm into month two of waiting for the chiro. This dude is in really high demand, but I'm starting to get impatient. If there were more around here, I'd definitely be checking someone else out but there just aren't any other equine chiro's around here. I will keep in mind though to ask about her left side and see what he tells me about her.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Beautiful horse tat Ezra!! I have always wanted a nice tattoo, but have a severe fear of needles. I went into a parlor one time to just watch and just about passed out. Guess there will be no tats for me-LOL.

For your mare-I am thinking like MM-there seems to be some imbalance there. I've had lots of horses that are good one way and vary from uncomfortable to having all out fits the other way. We have a tendency to think that all horses are ambidextrous, but most are not. First I would turn your mare loose in the arena to watch her travel. Make her move for you at all three gaits in both directions. You will probably have to chase her. But watch her and see if she can pick up the left lead and travel without a problem without a rider. If she doesn't have any problem doing that sans a rider, most of the problem is probably training related. It is okay-some horses just lock up a bit mentally on one side or the other.

Heck-this is going to get long to explain...I'll do a post about it this evening, if you don't mind???

ezra_pandora said...

BECG - yeah, a tattoo probably isn't for you if you almost passed out just watching. lol One of my girlfriend's old boyfriends went to have one done on his arm. Well, he has a little puff of smoke on his arm and that's all. lol The artist started the tattoo and it was going to be the Road Runner and the artist barely got done one line and the little puff of smoke that was behind Road Runner and the dude passed out. I was rolling when I heard it. I know not everyone can handle it, but why the artist didn't do a test line like mine did was beyond me. But ex boyfriend now is stuck with his little puff of smoke. Too funny.

I keep thinking some of the problem is the pilot ~smiling sheepishly~ but I'm not sure. I will try letting her loose, but it's hard in our arena because it's not closed off from the barn aisles. If there isn't anyone there tonight and I can get hubby to agree to blocking the doorway, I will try that. Yes, I would love to see your post on this issue. I'm willing to do and try anything to help my girl.

Leah Fry said...

I have 4 and yes, they are addictive. I got my first one at age 39. At one time it was a little dolphin on my butt. Middle age spread made that him into a leviathan.

The next one I got at about age 50. If it weren't so early in the morning right now, I'd get Mike to take a pic. It's a large tribal design across the small of my back (tramp stamp, ho tag). It has lots of colors and I did it in one 2.5 hr. setting. A few margaritas helped. It has blue, orange and red rays, that come out from a central sun, in the middle of which is the kanji character for "wife." It's beautiful. Mike and I always joked that it could say "stupid gringo whore" and we'd never know the difference. I went on a trip a week to San Francisco or so after having it done. I did a full-blown spa day and the little Asian girl that did my manicure and pedicure caught sight of it when I bent over and said, "Oh! That mean 'wife!'" Whew!

About two years ago, I got the kanji characters for "balance" tattooed on my ankles. People always ask what they say and when I tell them, they look at me quizzically for having the same thing on both ankles. It wouldn't be balanced if they were different. I give people extra credit if they figure that out for themselves.

If I were to get more, they would be more kanji characters continuing up my spine - wisdom, discernment, guided, protected, favored.

I did not do natural childbirth. I was screaming for as many drugs as I could talk them out of!

Thanks for visiting my blog - come back.

ezra_pandora said...

Leah - ahh yes, I forgot to mention "tramp stamp" in my blog. lol When I got my spider, I originally had wanted whatever I was getting to be on my lower abdomen off to one side. Professor asked if I ever planned on having kids and I said of course. He said "don't do it, you will have about a 6 inch spider someday then." I said ok, point taken and that's why it's on the ankle. A sister of one of my friends had a little tiny ring of roses around her belly button. 3 kids later it looks like a christmas wreath.

I'd LOVE to see your tattoo. Mine took 2 - about 2 hour sessions to do. I know it doesn't seem like it has a lot of color, but believe it or not there are. There are anywhere from the obvious white and brown to shades of yellow and red. He did a really good job. The only part he wasn't happy with was the eyes. He said animal eyes are really hard to do. That's partially why he did it so big too was because of the detail. He said it would look too dark and jumbled if it was small. So they look a little beady, but hey, I don't complain. I think it all looks just fine.

I like the symbols and stuff, but I'm just not that deep to be able to put one on as a tattoo. My niece has one on her shoulder but I don't remember what it is for sure.

Thank you too for visiting my blog :))


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