Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yippee!! Free range at the barn

Our barn owner has now FINALLY put up panelling at the barn in the indoor arena to block off the entrance to the barn. Now we can turn horses out to blow off some steam and not worry about them running into the bleachers, sawdust pile or right back into the barn and stalls. I took this time yesterday during their first turn out, to do a little observing of my mare. When Brown Eyed Cowgirl and Mrs. Mom and everyone else was giving me great advice on my mare and what to try and look for, I couldn't do some of the suggestions because I had to be in some control of what she did. I am now thinking something I am doing, or not doing, is part of her problem. See, when I turned her loose and she began running and kicking up her feet, she was running alright. TO THE LEFT. You know, the direction I was having trouble getting her lunge and still can't get her to lope to? Yeah. I actually had to physically walk out there and MAKE her and the follower mare go to the right, but they kept trying to turn to the left. So what's up with that?? It has to be something I'm doing from the saddle. Now, keeping that in mind, I will still continue to work her to the left to build up muscle and balance as before this time, she wasn't going to the left for anything and everything was on the right.

I noticed that when she was going, she seemed to not be dragging her feet as much as she used to, but I don't really know how to tell if she's pushing or dragging herself. Can someone tell me or point me to two video's that show each? I'm thinking of trying to get my trainer to come out, but he doesn't like coming out (since it's pretty far AND because the arena gets really dusty and he got a severe respiratory infection early last spring because of that) in the winter time or when he'd have to ride in the indoor arena. Which would be now. And I do understand. So I kind of want to see what I can do on my own. He did say he'd come out if I really needed him though. So I need to do some studying up on horse movement to see what is right and what's wrong because I just don't know.

More of my observation showed that going to the left she was on the correct lead, every. single. time. So that brings us to me. What do I personally need to do to make sure that I'm balanced and doing what I'm supposed to be doing? She had her chiropractic adjustment a little over a week ago. First ride was Friday. She was ok, but she kept dropping and shaking her head. Even when we turned her out I noticed she was doing it. I don't know if it's that she doesn't know what being "in" in her neck, head, jaw area feels like and she's kind of figuring it out or what. But she's never really done that. She really didn't do it too much today and seemed a little more comfortable with today's ride. She also seemed a little uncomfortable yesterday when I was loping. She was dropping her head a lot more, almost like she was thinking about bucking. She drop her head and hop around and it took several tries to get her to go into the lope. I also couldn't keep her in it that long. I figured that too might be part of the getting used to being "in" now in her body. The next step is getting her supplement for her cycles to see how that works on her.

So, now that I have the free range to let her loose, I'm going to try to go back to the post from BECG and Mrs. Mom and see what to watch for and look at and test.


20 meter circle of life said...

When she grazes, what foot is more forward?? Then please check her shoulders and tell me what one is larger. I have some ideas here.

ezra_pandora said...

Ahhh, thank YOU for reading and commenting. For some reason, your blog will not let me comment on it. lol It keeps saying "done, but with errors" and then my comment doesn't show up. So I'm reading and I like your blog, but I just cannot comment on anything
:( Just wanted to let you know :)

Ok, grazing. I looked at every single picture I have of her, only one was of her grazing, and in all but one picture, her right leg was forward. In the grazing picture that was before she was broke to ride. As for shoulders, I will have to check that tonight when we go out. I'm going to take my camera and see if hubby will take a little video and I'll take some pictures of her in general to post to see. I'll get some of her shoulders. I honestly don't know which is larger, so I will have to look and let you know.

Flying Lily said...

Sounds like you are in a position to get some excellent progress - the chiro, the work area, it's all falling into place for 2009! Happy New year to you and the ponies!

20 meter circle of life said...

Ok from what you said it sounds like she is out of balance, and that is something that only work will help her with. Going in a circle around you with a bend in her barrel is making her feel really unbalanced so its easier to go on the right as she is stronger there. My guess is tonight you wil find that she has a larger right shoulder than a left. More trot work both under saddle and on the line to left will help her get stronger. Make sure she bends her barrel. Do you know how to do shoulder in on the long side of the arena?? Another good exercise is to put her on the lunge on a twenty meter circle and slowly spiral the line in to about a 12-15 meter, she wont be able to handle much more than that and then slowly let it out. repeat. This will be very tiring to her and it will be hard, make sure her head stays slightly tipped in and nor out. It took Abu monthes to figure out his balance. Just remember to keep your inside leg steady-imagine your leg is wooden pole and you are wrappeing her around it. You can email me if you cant leave a comment- thats wierd- stupid blogger!!!


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