Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I got the call. I have to have my first mammogram AND a breast MRI. When did they start adding on that second thing?? I'm so nervous. And they are giving me a WHOLE WEEK to prepare. lol. I was actually supposed to start having them about 3 years ago, but the gyno really didn't push the issue. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at around age 36. So apparently the general rule is if you have a history of that, like I do, you are supposed to start having mammograms 10 years prior to when they were diagnosed. She said 26 is kind of early, but that I will definitely start having them by the time I was 30, and well, here I am. Yipee.

Has anyone here had one done? I'm sure someone has. Please, tell me about your experience and tell me that it's over quick. lol I also had the option of having my genes tested to see if I am carrying certain genes that are more prone to be cancerous. There is apparently one doctor in my area that does it. My doctor gave me that doctor's info in case I wanted to call. I'm sort of conflicted about it though because in this day and age, it seems even people who are healthy are getting cancer. My uncle was just diagnosed less than a month ago with prostate cancer. The guy doesn't smoke, doesn't drink and is pretty active. So do I really WANT to know that yeah, some day I might have cancer? I don't think I do. Would you want to know? As long as I keep up on my testing and stuff like that, I should be ok. A test that tells me yeah, you MIGHT get it one day isn't telling me, hey, on December 5th, 2020, a cancer cell will start growing and you should watch for it. No, it doesn't. I think finding out would just make me worry more.

I don't know if anyone knows this, but when my mom diagnosed, I remember the doctor citing several reasons as to why she could have possibly gotten it because there was absolutely no known family history of it. A) her mother smoked when she was growing up and second hand smoke is supposedly more dangerous than first hand B) she had a diet that was somewhat excessive in fatty foods (like barbecue and deep fried stuff) C) she drank a LOT of pop, like I'd say at least a two liter almost every day (how she slept at night, I'll never know because ONE can of pop after noon and I'm up till midnight and D) she had a traumatic accident approximately 10 years prior to her diagnosis. Ok, A-C, those are pretty reasonable, but the last one? I didn't know that. The doctor said (now this was 15 years ago, so I don't know if the same theory still stands true) that everyone has dormant cancer cells and if you have a really traumatic incident, those cells can be activated. We were involved in a really bad car accident where we were on train tracks and these drunk teenagers came up behind and slammed into us. Supposedly if we would have been another foot or so further along, they were going so fast they would have went up the ramp to the tracks and landed on top of us. AND, we were right on the train tracks and a train was scheduled to come through within the following 15 minutes. Well, they got the train routed onto a set of tracks that was another 15 feet in front of us thankfully. My mom had been looking at my friends mom who was driving the vehicle we were in, so her head was turned to the left when the teenagers hit us. She had really severe neck and back problems after the accident and it totally affected the rest of her life. She was very limited in things that she could do and things she used to enjoy. Looking back and knowing what I know now with working in a law office, she should have gotten one hell of a settlement, but I don't know what she did get and what kind of insurance there was, so it's hard to say. Back to my original topic, they think that accident was traumatic enough to cause the cancer cells to do their thing. The other thing they said that could have set it off is that my dad was injured a few years before that changed his life as well. He worked for the City police and while on a domestic violence call, this really fat kid jumped on his back. That was about 28 years ago, he's still having back treatment through workers' compensation, and he had to retire on disability because even after back surgeries, his back was never the same and he couldn't do the same work any more. So between the two, they think one set it off, or, my grandma's smoking. It's just so hard to tell.

So anyhow, thanks for listening to my ramblings. If anyone has any advice or consolations, let me know :) lol


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow, such a hearfelt and a bit scary post, Ezra. I think, just be positive, and your scans will go well with no signs of cancer.
I'm a true believe in "The Secret" and realizing that we are like magnets and if we think only good things will happen to us (yes, even subconciously) that only good things will happen.

I have to believe in this, quite honestly, the other option is way too scary....

I hope you don't think I'm rude, but I don't even want to talk about it, for fear to jinx myself and think negative thoughts and draw out all that negative energy flowing my way. gah!

So, just don't worry. Think "Healthy, strong, clear, normal body, all systems working at full and clean, pure capacity"

Sending positive thoughts and vibes your way :)

New Mexico

ezra_pandora said...

Oh no, I don't think you're being rude at all. lol I have absolutely no reason to believe that I have cancer. None whatsoever. It's just preventative testing because of my mom. I'm only nervous because of what I've heard of the mammogram procedure, you know, the smooshing. lol My scaredness came from the gene screening, which I'm pretty sure I won't be doing, but just wondered what everyone else thought about it. If it gives you the bad mojo vibe to talk about it, then please, don't. I definitely don't want to jinx anyone!! lol

chickinpjs said...

Helloooooo ! :D I am having my very first Mamo..boobie squishy thing tomorrow at noon! Not looking forward to it either. I have no history..literally as both my parents are adopted. Just hit my 40's and so Doc' said it was time. Blaa...
Just like you have mentioned in your post..your mind and body have a lot to do with what happens on the inside. Stress does play a factor. I am a strong believer in making things happen with creating as much positive around me as possible..hence the animals especially horses!! Lisa from New Mexico..that is a great chant to say over and over when dealing with your body! I do the same. It does work! I am a true blue..seen it work for me 'Quantum Physics' believer ..'The Secret' in other words.
You are your body and every cell in there..walk through that door with that chant from Lisa going through your head..and at least it will keep the stress level down which is a huge help.
And..don't forget..you are not alone...WE ARE HERE!! :D
Hugs to you!!
Julie..BC Canada PJSANDHORSES!!!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Sorry, absolutely no help here.;P
Haven't had my first mammo yet. Just turned 39...crap, I suppose I better get one of those scheduled.

Think positive!!

chickinpjs said...

Thank you so much for your squishy eyed goooooood lucks!! You are funny! :D
I am trying right now to send all of my natural pain killers to my little tiny boobies..should not take much of a dose LOL! I am leaving all of my trust in that machine to know when to stop squishing!!!!! EEEEEeee!! ;P
Another adventure..that is what life is all about. :) Living !!!!
Hugs and thanks!
Julie :D p.s. I will check out your '6 things..' when I get home!!


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