Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It was a good day...

I'm not sure which kind of music everyone listens to, but there's a song by Ice Cube titled "It Was a Good Day." I was going to quote some of the lyrics and I realized how they sound coming from little old white girl me. So, as appropriate as SOME were to put on here, I decided against it. It's not typically my kind of music and I really only know about the song because, as cool as I think Ice Cube is, I heard it on VH1 when they were doing one of their "Top 100 Hits of the 90's" little shows. The ones that go on for like 4 hours, and I end up watching them every time. I can't help it.

So back to my "good day." I went out and worked with Sassie last night and things went fine. I lunged her first to the right. She did just fine, a little full of speed like she has been, but she calmed down good, dropped her head right away. I got her to slow down a bit and actually walk without stopping. Then we turn to the right. I was juggling the line and whip, so she kind of swung back to the right, but as soon as I got myself situated, I pointed her to the left, stepped to her shoulder and off she went!! I didn't even have to cluck or anything. She was speeding around to the left, round and round. Then I remembered wait, I can't OVER work her on this side, I still have to balance it all out. So I switched her back to the right again and then back to the left. I think I pushed my luck a little, but I got her to take a couple lope steps. I do believe she was on the correct lead. So now, if she was in fact on the correct lead, it must mean that I am doing something different in the saddle to make her either unbalanced, or wrong, or uncomfortable with loping. She didn't kick and buck going into the lope steps, she just sped up in the jog and then took the lope steps and went back to a speedy jog. So after some ground work, I groomed her and rode. I figured since she already had a workout somewhat, that I'd take it easy with the riding. She did just fine. Wasn't too spooky, seemed pretty comfortable, wasn't all worked up. So it WAS a good day. We're going back out tonight since we didn't get a chance to clean stalls (barn goddess was hogging all the carts), so we will do that tonight and I'm going to work her a little more again. I was a little better with multi tasking, lol. I watched for the correct lead, I tried to steady her speed (a little bit), and I watched to see how she was carrying herself. She seemed comfortable over all, just fast. Her hind legs were going under her, up to about where her belly and hips meet (sorry about my lack of anatomy terminology). I'm really not sure if that's not far enough, what to do to get them further. She seemed to be taking nice long strides, not little hippity hop ones. I'm happy. For now :)

Back to music. I love watching those I love the 80's and Top 100 Greatest Hits of the 80's etc because the music was so different then. I can honestly say that music now a days doesn't touch me nearly like what it used to. I don't know if because in the 80/90's I was young and emotional/hormonal and now I'm not or what. But songs from those era's still touch me like songs today do not. I can probably count songs that touch me from the new millenium on one hand. Countless from the 80's, 90's and before though. The best ones? From U2, especially the Joshua Tree album. I LOVE Bono and U2. He's just aged and become even more gorgeous the older he gets. He reminds of Liam Neeson, or really the other way around, so that's why I LOVE Liam Neeson too. I think he's hot. I loved him in Shindler's List (sad, sad movie).

Ok, here is my little list of some of the top songs that really moved me in some way (you know, the ones you could sit and listen to time after time ALL DAY LONG):
U2: One, Where the Streets Have No Name, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, With or Without you
Chris LeDoux: Western Skies (well, ok, almost ALL Chris LeDoux songs move me)
Sting: I'll Be Watching You
The Byrds: To Every Season (Turn, Turn, Turn)
GooGoo Dolls: Iris
Ben E. King: Stand By Me
Guns N Roses: Sweet Child O Mine
Journey: Don't Stop Believing
Tom Petty: Free Falling
Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow: Picture
Prince: When Doves Cry
John Cougar Mellencamp: Jack and Diane
Ray Charles w/Willie Nelson: Seven Spanish Angels
Def Leppard: Pour Some Sugar on Me
Faith Hill: This Kiss

Ok, I'll stop, there are tons more and I could go on, but notice the era that most are from. Not too recent except for a tad few. What are some of yours? Any particular reason for any of them? I like to know details too ;)

Have a good day and I'm off to work with my girl. We'll see what kind of mood she's in today.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whoohoo! I'm a U2 gal, too. And Journey, Prince, The Eagles, ZZ Top, REO Speedwagon, ELO, The Cars, and oh so many many more.
I agree about the 80's, too. Of course, I was a teenager through most of those years. I'm 42 now. How young are you?
Not much of the music out there now impresses me much except maybe some of the progressive alternative music.
I have a serious problem with remembering names of groups and matching them up with songs now. Probably due to my kids sucking most of my brain cells out. lol!

Anyway, I'm glad you had such a great day with your horse and made such huge 'strides' (hehe) and that you even got to go back a second time to the barn (thanks barn goddess, for small favors .lol)

OH! Guess what? I've got something for you over at my blog on my "S" post :)

New Mexico

ezra_pandora said...

I'll be 30 here in a few weeks, so I really didn't listen to 80's music until the 90. lol Then again, when I was younger, we got to listen to hits from the 50's and 60's because of my mom. I won't even go into those, but when they have those infomercials for those cd's and stuff, I get stuck watching because I love even hearing a little glimps of the songs I miss and used to hear all the time. I suppose those are now called "moldy oldies." lol

I do too, about the not matching artists to songs. I can't even remember the names of some songs. lol Yes, the kids taking our brains again.

You know what's really funny? While I'm typing this comment, the SAME song that was playing when I posted the post yesterday is on. I almost added it to my list, but that was getting too long as it was. too funny.


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