Thursday, February 19, 2009

early Friday Funny

I know you all just CAN'T wait until my friday funnies, so here's a little something to wet your whistle and brighten your day :))

The Schweppes Bull

I'm sorry I don't know how to just post the video, so you'll have to settle for a link, but I think anyone here will appreciate it :))


Sully said...

That is too funny!! I wish I have the ability to edit like that.

Andrea said...

That is too funny!! LOL!!

Have you seen the Camel doing dressage?? It's pretty awesome!!

There are people who can't do that with horses let alone camels!!

kdwhorses said...

That's great!

ezra_pandora said...

Andrea, that was crazy!! I showed my hubby and said there, THAT'S not fake!! lol


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