Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm feeling sooooo oooooold today

My little baby boy turned 5 today. And I feel old!! It wasn't the turning 30 this year. That didn't bother me. (I still feel like I'm about 22, hehe) It's the having a baby who's now 5 and a big one who's going to be 8 (not to mention the 19 and 16 year old step boys). Oh well.

When Tater (yes, his real birth certificate-afied name) woke up and came to give me a hug this morning, I told him that at that exact moment (approximately 6:30 am) 5 years ago, his daddy and I were getting ready to be on our way to the hospital to have him. Grandpa came over to watch big brother who was crying because he wanted to go and "pick out" his little brother. lol!! I showed him the pictures that we took that morning. I was somewhat nice looking because I remembered being in labor with my older one for two days and looking quite frightful in all of my pictures! So I took a hot shower and did my hair and makeup for the second one so that I'd look a little more decent. So I had my big belly pictures out and then all the pictures of everyone who came to the hospital to see him. He absolutely loves to look at his baby pictures. And since I started scrapbooking, it makes it so easy to just open up and go from the start.

So that's the gist of it. He's 5 today. He's excited to be a big boy now. Here are his two cookie cakes. We get two, one for home and one for school, because there's no way there would be enough left over for everyone else if we only got one :))

Mmmmmm. They smell SO good sitting here in my office :) Wonder if he'd notice a few little nibbles off the edge. I can always tell him it came that way, a new scalloped edge style :)) When I called to order them, we decided monster trucks were a good bet because he's into those right now (we've always done horses, or cowboys or cowboy hat/boots, etc.). The lady had no idea there were different monster trucks when I asked if they could do grave digger and cowboy or outlaw. Those are my little guy's favorites. So we decided on grave digger and cowboy, but she didn't know what they looked like, so I just explained grave digger has neon green and bright purple designs and cowboy is black with like a neon blue lettering. I figured whatever she did would be fine, he's 5 and not too picky. And what you see above is what she came up with after looking online. It was great!!! I was so happy and I know he will be too :))

I'll post some more pictures on here when I can after I take some birthday pictures.


kdwhorses said...

Well how cool~Happy Birthday Tater! Angel will be getting her birthday apple this afternoon! Have to wait till Savannah is here!

Great story about his birth! I had taken a shower, but didn't get to do anything else! Oh well, couldn't wear my contacts either, so I have glasses on!! A day I'll never forget! To love something so much!

Roxmysox said...

Cool - send him happy birthday from me too all the way from England !
I always managed to go into Spring cleaning mode just before dashing off to the hospital !
Our birthday cakes are always home made ( most often by my son lately !)

So you think you are feeling old now - how's this one to make you feel young again - my youngest gets her college enrollment interview tomorrow !
How do you look forward to that one ?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Happy Birthday Tater!!!

Those are fun cakes. I remember the birthday that I was given a horse head cookie cake! I loved it. I almost didn't want to eat it. Almost...hehe

The tradition in our family has been to buy ice cream cakes from either Dairy Queen or Carvel. So yummy!

Ok, so you've got to tell me how Tater got his name. What's your other little kidlin's name? And how did his get chosen?

sigh. You're ONLY 30?? I remember 30. So looong ago.
But no wonder you feel old...a 19 yr old stepson! gah! He's more than twice your age.

I know how you feel though with your kids growing up so fast. My twinlings just turned 12 over the weekend. TWELVE! One more year...and I've teenagers.

This probably sounds weird, but I wish I was younger to enjoy them more. I turned 42 last year. I'm going to be ancient when I finally get grandchildren!

Happy Birthday Tater!!


Melissa said...

Happy birthday to your little one!
Time flies once you have kids!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Happy Birthday Tater!! I loooove cake, wish I lived nearby! :)

Mrs Mom said...

Aww! Happy Birthday Tater!

And Ezra, honey, I can relate. My oldest is 11. Wrecking Crew is THREE next month. WHERE did the time go??? Then I look at ME and think, Holy CRAP! 40 is getting pretty flipping close!! Where DID that time go???

Cowgirl up girlfriend. Go smooch your horse, have some cookie, and love that baby of yours!!!

ezra_pandora said...

kdw: I was able to wear my contacts, thankfully!! I don't know if they gave me a choice or not, but I wore contacts. Yes, not greater love than those squirmy little babies.

He will be excited to know someone in England knows him :) You know, both of my boys were born exactly two days to the day before their due dates. And for both of them, it was like the day after I packed my hospital bag. I told my husband that if we ever had another one, he'd have to remind me to pack a little later!! I loved being pregnant. I never had any complications or morning sickness (knock on wood). I posted about the cakes too on my next blog. Doesn't it feel so weird to have the kids grow older when WE don't FEEL older? I don't know about you, but I'm not aging on the inside, just the outside :)

LOR: I posted about the names :) on my next blog. I LOVE ice cream cake too. ONLY 30!?! I remember when 30 was old!! lol. It's not anymore, it's the new 18 hehe. And you are NOT that old. My dad was 40 when I was born. We also made a huge deal out of that because we had a super younger mom and a super older dad. lol It's kind of the same with my hubby. He's 46 and has a 5 and 8 year old ;) And think of it like this, they keep you younger :)

Melissa: Thanks!! And it sure does.

Melissa-PF: if you were, I'd share :)

Mrs. Mom: Time sure flies when you have fun :) If 30's the new 18, 40's the new 25 :))


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