Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Little man's birthday and what's in a name

Ok, here are the pictures from last night. Don't judge me by anything you may see here!! lol

The first one is my favorite. I love the expression on his face. He was trying to let me take a picture of his star sticker on his shirt, so he was sticking his chest out. (before he ate)

This is him (after he ate) opening one of his Mr. Potato Head outfits. It's Chef Tater. Anything that we find that has Tater on it, we get, because it's not like John or Matt that you can find on anything. Unfortunately, it's usually Mr. Potato Head (Darth Tater. etc.) and accessories. So he's got a big collection of those. lol

This is him after my husband uncovered his eyes so he could see his Grave Digger monster truck cookie cake. He loved it!! I was so happy. I have made their cakes in the past. My mom was a professional cake decorator, and I learned how to do those fancy cakes with all the decorative trim, I just don't have the time!! If it was a weekend, sure, and I could have made it this weekend, but it's definitely a lot of work. Not that my kids aren't worth it mind you. But we all like the cookies too. (I would post a picture, but all the cakes I've done were before we got the digital camera, so I'll have to take a picture with the digital of a regular picture, lol)

This one is him before he opens his presents. He's always got that dang vest on. It's all cruddy because I figure you just toss it in the wash and it's good. NOT. It's real suede. On a kids vest!! He thinks it's his cowboy vest. So it has to be cleaned with leather cleaner only. grrr. Oh well, he's cute :)

This one is with his favorite present. I had gotten my step sons these remote control watch cars. The remote control is on the watch. well, that was like 6 years ago and they had never come back over for Christmas (looong story), so I still had them. It said 5 and older on the box, so I figured, here ya go Tater!! lol. I didn't figure he would have much interest or that he would even be able to figure it out. I guess I'm short changing him because he picked it up and away he went. It was the only thing he played with the whole night! lol

(yes, he has undies on :), he just prefers no pants. usually. And no blog post with the kids is ever complete without a butt shot!!)

So that's that. He had a good time. He even wore his crown again to school today. I tried taking it off, but he refused. We usually don't make big deals about birthdays (like big parties with lots of kids and all that jazz) so I figured the hat could stay. And of course his cowboy vest.

Miss Lisa (from Laughing Orca Ranch blog) asked me how we got his name and what our bigger man's name is. Little guy's full name is Tater Porter. Sound familiar to any of you rodeo (PBR) fans? Yeah. My husband, who used to be a bull rider, liked Tater Porter, THE bull rider, and when we were trying to pick out names, he came up with Tater. I said huh uh, no way on God's green earth am I going to name my little boy Tater. Guess who lost? lol, ME. I felt bad because this is my hubby's 4th child and he hadn't been "allowed" to pick out a single name for the other three. Us women just kind of take over when it comes to that sometimes I think. He had me convinced that the bull riders REAL name WAS Tater. I said what crazy mother would name their child Tater??? Yeah, hello, me again. After the signing of the birth certificate I found out that his real name is Dan Porter, of course. But in all honesty, we're a different sort of people, and the more we said it the more the name stuck and was kinda cute. AND (major factor here) I figured if there ever came a time where he didn't like his name (like a lot of teenage kids), he could shorten it to Tate. I hope he doesn't, and so far he's pretty proud of his name. We usually have problems with other people not wanting to call him Tater and them just automatically shortening it to Tate. He's sure to correct them loudly though. So that's what's in his name :)

Big brother is Lucas Keegan. They are both redheads and when I was looking for a middle name for the big one, I wanted something Irish. Luke was the name of an awesome friend I used to have (and a little crush on, shhh). Hubby didn't really like Kane, which was my other pick, so Keegan (which means little fiery one, and they BOTH were in utero) it was. And that's what's in a name for big one.


Melissa said...

Great pictures! Looks like you all had fun.
And I love the story of how he got his name!
I'm pregnant with a little boy right now, and I'm afraid his name is going to be Hoss.
I call my horse Hoss.
I tell my husband "I'm going to confuse them", and "It sounds like a nickname". . .
Alas, it looks like he is likely to prevail. . .

ezra_pandora said...

Well congratulations!! I'd say try to barter to make Hoss the middle name and something more normal for the first name, and then just call him by his middle name if you want, but that didn't get me anywhere either. lol All I can say is start saying Hoss to yourself enough and you might end up liking it. I think it's cute :)

Another funny name story, my big brother's name is Phillip Bruno. That was a compromise with my dad from wanting to name him (his first boy after 3 girls) Wolfgang Maximillion or Cedric. My mom stuck her foot down and they settled on his name. Until my grandma started falling him her little "Philly." Everyone in the family called him Bruno from then on. lol

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Love the story of Tater's name! Looks like he had a grand birthday.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Very cool!!

I am named for a 1950's World Champion Barrel Racer. And my middle brother is named for a World Champion Bareback Rider. I hated my name when I was growing up and insisted on a shortened version of it. But when I was in my early 20's I worked with another girl whose real name was my nickname. So everyone started using my full name to avoid confusion.

And my daughter ended up with her name, because I felt sorry for her grandpa, who had 4 grand-daughters already and neither of his own daughters would name their girls his favorite name. So she got her grandpa's favorite name and my mom's middle name.

Ooohh, you'll like this one...a guy I used to work with at the sale barn was named Ora Taton. We used to tease him and call him Orida and his little boy, Tater. And now I see his son made it to the National Finals last year...geee, I hope they don't hold a grudge.;)

ezra_pandora said...

Melissa - PDF: he certainly did. He kept asking to go to Chuck E Cheese, but I don't really like that place.

BEC: my name is not all that interesting. I was named for one of the charlie's angels, like most girls born in 79. AND, in high school, I was #5 in band. That's how they'd differentiate, give us a #. lol Thankfully Tater will never have to experience that, I'm sure. My middle of the older three sisters had another baby in 07 and finally, one out of 15 grandkids has part of my dad's name in it. I felt bad for not doing it but there are so many choices!!! If we would ever have more kids (unlikely) and if we had a girl (even more unlikely), my husband already had a name picked out that he wouldn't waiver from, lol, but he's never had that chance.

And with a name like Ora Taton, I'll be he's tough :) That's what my husband always says about Tater. lol

Andrea said...

At least he didn't want to name your little boy Riggen or Rope. Those were two names that my hubby (a bullrider) wanted to name our second boy. He ended up with the name Lane Wyatt.

Happy Birthday to Tater!!

kdwhorses said...

Great story~! Great pics!

Hubby named our daughter too! I was aganist the name at first. I wanted to name her Ashley, because my mother was going to name me that. Anyway, I decided that when her name was shortened it would be Ash and that sounds like a**, so we couldn't have that! LOL! Hubby came home and said he liked the name Savannah and he said we should name her Savannah Dawn. Dawn is my middle name, so I thought that was great!

ezra_pandora said...

Andrea: Wyatt was actually tossed around a little with Owen. I don't know why that didn't stick. He asked me what for a middle name and I said well Porter sounds pretty good with Tater, so that's fine. And, Riggin and Rope would have been an amen compared to Gator that was also thrown out there. Gator was a definite NO and I didn't care WHO might be named that. lol Is Lane after Lane Frost I'm guessing? lol

kdw: I think the name you guys picked is very good for a little country girl :)

Oh, and when I was in the works, my parents asked my big bro what HE wanted to name me. Thank goodness they didn't agree or I would have been Brunella. lol!!


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