Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I feel fabuloso

Miss Lisa over at Laughing Orca Ranch gave me a fancy little award for being Fabulous. Some might beg to differ, but since she's the one that gave it to me, I value HER opinion on that matter. lol

This award comes with the stipulation of listing 5 of your favorite addictions. Uh oh, don't take pictures!! (Michael Phelps reference) This is actually kind of hard!

So here goes:
1) Riding and/or grooming and/or just spending time with our horses
2) Junk food. Lots and lots of junk food! Any kind.
3) Scrapbooking
4) Watching tv (I know, not good)
5) Perusing through my list of blogs throughout the day instead of working (shh, don't tell the boss)

And I choose the following 5 bloggers to gift this award to:
Chelsi at Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind
Browneyed Cowgirls
Mrs. Mom at Oh Horsefeathers
Melissa and Jason at Paradigm farms
and kwdhorses at Blackjack Land and Cattle Company

If you care to, join in and tell the blog world you are all fabulous. If not, at least we all know it here :)


Mrs Mom said...

Awww Thank You Ezra!! A bright wonderful spot in a sickly day here. I'll work on getting my 5 addictions up soon!! ;)

And Lisa is right- You Are Fabuloso!!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Why Thank You!! I think you are Fabuloso too!!

kdwhorses said...

Girl thanks so much! I do love your blog as well~it is fabuloso! I'll get it up and posted hopefully today or tomorrow!

BTW- how neat is that, you have a link to Pesky. He is the best horse, great dispostion. I normally don't look at the pedgirees (on geldings) it really doesn't matter. What matters to me is the disposition and what his job will be. I figured someone would enjoy seeing it!

And YES I want the recipe! I love thoses things! We normally go to Red Lobster for my and Savannah's birthday~she loves that place. THey have great Caesar salad too!

ezra_pandora said...

MM, BEC and KDW, I love all of your blogs :)) Thanks for reading mine.

kdw: well, maybe some of my mare's other lines have influenced her because she's a little nutty :) (I think it was more her past than her lines though) So far I'm the only one that rides her. She is a million times better than last year at this time, so who knows what will happen in time. I know she loves my boys too, she'll follow my younger one around the arena instead of listening to me if he's out there when I'm riding. lol She will also run from one side of the stall to the other to watch them if they are running around the barn. I think they intrigue her.

I emailed that recipe to you too ;)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Cool! Thanks for participating, my friend!
My 5 addictions are a lot like yours. If we ever finally do get to meet in person, we SO should plan a Junk Food Chick Flick Night. We'll eat until were sick! lol! just kidding.
Oh and don't forget some yummy margaritas, too!

Hey! Isn't your scrapbook weekend coming up soon? I bet you can't wait! They are so much fun!


word veriication: 'shitli'

ezra_pandora said...

Lisa: Oh definitely, we'd be great friends and probably weigh 300 lbs. lol

Yeppers, end of March is my scrapbook weekend. I need to start preparing and trying to put some page ideas together. I decided I will do my first horse page, so I'm taking a million pictures of my girls and the boys on the horses and everyone riding. lol I'm going crazy with it my hubby says.

shitli???? What were they thinking? lol


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