Thursday, February 5, 2009

Proud Aunt

I just found out that a nephew of mine is graduating from his basic training (ROTC) this weekend and family that attends gets to sit up front because they are giving him a Sharpshooter award. This is a nephew, who unlike most of my generation and up that got to go to the farm and shoot target practice, really hasn't had a whole lot of gun experience. He's never really been around guns at all. But apparently every time he went to the range, he shot 40 out of 40. And now they want him to go to sniper school! My sister said yeah, but there are no jobs out there for snipers! Ummm, the FBI is hiring like 3000 people!! (I didn't want to mention the other types of side jobs he could have, let's keep THIS boy on the straight and narrow, lol) My dad told my nephew that he once shot 41 out of 40. What really happened was that the guy next to him shot his target once. LOL! My dad was also in the army and was a policeman, as is my brother now. I am so excited for my nephew. Let's just say that this sister's part of the family has never really had an easy time in life. I hope this gives him a good chance for a good job, maybe not easy, but a good one.

So here's to you dear nephew. Stay safe and we all love you bunches.


Mrs Mom said...


Sniper school would be good- Pop Up Targets are distant ;)

After service there are jobs- Feds, LE/ with SWAT teams, etc. He has a great chance there!

Will keep him in our thoughts over here too Ezra!!

Sully said...

The possibilities are endless for him!! Congrats, nephew!

Melissa said...

Congratulations to your nephew! ~And to you. . .I awarded you with an odd little blog award for your hilarious sense of humor!!! Come check it out!

Roxmysox said...

Wow - mega congratulations.
That is impressive

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How cool to have such a talented nephew! I can tell how proud you are, too.
Sniper, eh? lol!


ezra_pandora said...

I guess out of all the graduates (lots and lots) there were only like 6 people up for awards and my nephew was the only sharp shooter. How crazy is that??


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