Friday, February 6, 2009

New John Rich Song

I don't know if anyone has heard it yet, but our local radio station played the new John Rich (currently from Big and Rich and formerly Lonestar) song called Shuttin Detroit Down for the first time this morning. Can I just say Oh. My. God. It sounds a little like a mix of Garth Brooks' Beaches of Cheyenne and a Toby Keith song about the war. Not poppy sounding at all. The song is so true and it's about time someone wrote about how ridiculous it is that the government is giving these big handouts to corporate companies while letting the farmers auction off their land. If you haven't heard it, try to find it online. It is awesome and touching. Very very good song. I happen to really like Big and Rich too :))

You can download it at his website, but that's itunes so you do have to buy it I believe. I'm sure you will be able to find a clip somewhere. Or heck, request it from your radio station :))

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