Monday, February 23, 2009

Suuuprise, suprise, suprise

Why does it seem like everything in my life is backwards from what I think it will be and expect?? I think I'm going to go around and start doing things backwards on purpose!! Maybe not. The two most recent things aren't exactly bad :)) Maybe I'll just start expecting the worst and hoping for the best and see how that goes for me.

First off is clippers. My mare hates me messing around her ears, but she'll let me clip them with regular shears. She gets really fuzzy ears. Anyhow, we finally got a pair of horse clippers to do bridal paths and stuff and FINALLY took them out to try them on her. I was expecting some head tossing and me ending up with a mohawk or something crazy because of my mare acting wild and knocking my hand away. I didn't think it was going to go well at all. So after clearing the barn of kids and everyone, I took her out of her stall and put her in the cross ties. Hubby took the lead line and made his tough man stance holding her. I took hold of the other side of the halter and held up the clippers for her to smell first. She sniffed a bunch and then stopped, so I pulled them away and turned them on. Didn't bother her. Hmmmm. So I moved them up around her head and ears a little. She didn't like it up by her ears so I lowered it back down to her muzzle area. She sniffed a little but didn't do anything. So I held the handle up to her muzzle so she could feel the vibration and buzzing. She didn't move an inch and actually was pushing her face into my hand that was holding the clippers!! She started closing her eyes like it felt good to her!! Crazy horse! So I went ahead and started clipping her bridal path and she didn't do anything at all. I about fell over dead in shock. Those are the moments I live for with her. The moments where she would have some little reason to be goofy but acts like nothing is strange at all.

We finally got the hormone supplement so I can't wait to see if that helps her. She was being really dumb Saturday when I rode. She was great for a little bit and we were doing great little circles for about the first 20 minutes. But when I started up again after I had stopped her to stand still while watching my son's lesson, she was full out dumb. She was fighting every little thing I asked. When I asked her to walk, she started backing up. When I got her walking and asked for the jog, she screeched to a halt, was walking sideways and started flinging her head every which way and at one point it was almost like she was looking for a place to lay down she had her head so low. She was being super nutty. So I just walked her out and was done. I'm pretty sure she's in heat. It was after her little stall neighbor gelding left the arena that she started acting up (we had stopped for lessons and to watch the girl riding that goofball because he's not broke and I wanted to catch the rodeo). I don't know, we'll see. The chiro said let it work for about two months and we'd know if it was helping by then, the store person said what we bought was enough for almost 3months because she's small. So we shall see.

And the second thing. We lost health insurance (for the millionth time) in Oct. through my husband's work. I've asked my boss' for health insurance no less than 5 times in the past 5 years, basically at least each time my husband lost his, and I've repeatedly been told no. Well, the ins. lady came to give us quotes on Friday and she called today about applications "everyone" was supposed to be filling out (but of course I was conveniently left out of getting). So I asked her if I signed a waiver ONCE, FIVE YEARS ago, does that mean I can never again get insurance because I've never signed anything ever again. She said no, every time the office had new insurance, I'd have to sign another waiver (hasn't happened the past couple new ins co switches, so I'd like to know how I got waived if I never signed one) or fill out an app. Hmmm. So I told her email me the apps because I want (NEED) ins. My boss had told her I didn't need it!!!! So long story short, I asked my boss if I could have it (again) and he said no because I had coverage through the hubby. I told him no, hubby lost it in Oct and he started yelling at me for not having it!!! I'm like wahhhh??? He told me I should have asked in Oct. and they would have made sure to add us onto their policy. grrrrrr. So good news, I might be getting ins. Bad news, don't know what it's going to cost me. He's been paying in full for the other girl for two years now. I have a feeling because I have a family (and my coverage is obviously going to cost more), I'm going to end up paying for it with 1/2 my paychecks. If that's the case, I guess I can't have it. Don't know what to do. I guess I'm going to wait and see how much it is before I'll have to respectfully waive it again because I won't be able to afford it.


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Ezra - please tell me you will take the insurance even if it costs your entire check!! Don't make us all worry about you! :)

backattheranch said...

That is great about clipping! Sorry about the insurance :(

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That sucks! Our country is in such a terrible state with health insurance. It makes me want to go to the socialist system and have everything paid for by our government sometimes. All families should have health insurance. Accidents happen even when we're careful. Look what happened to me.

Last summer my hubby started a new job at Walmart and we had to wait 6 months(!!) for insurance coverage. And then once 6 months was up, we weren't even given full coverage. The plan wouldn't allow me to have preventative health care (like pap smears and mammograms!) for a year. Isn't that pathetic? We were paying full price for the insurance, too. It makes no sense and should be illegal!
Needless to say he quit soon after that. Walmart treats their employees like crap!

Now he works for the State and so far they've been treeating us pretty good with the health insurance, especially after my fall.

My friend, like Melissa said, you must have health insurance, eve if if it takes 1/2 your paycheck. You've got kids and you ride horses.
If anything terrible happens, it could ruin everything for your family trying to pay the medical bills.

On the flip/good side I'm really happy for you that your mare surprised with the clippers. Silly girl!
And I'm glad you got some ride time in, too.

Take Care,

Leah Fry said...

It's one of those cases of can't live with it (the price) and can't live without it. All it takes is one thing to go wrong. And even if you don't get major medical, maybe you can get some lesser coverage. Anything is better than nothing.

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BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Yay for the clipping!!

But Booo for the boss! Is what he is doing even legal?? Sounds rather fishy to me. I hope it all works out.

ezra_pandora said...

Melissa: I don't know, if it costs my whole paycheck, it'll be a toss up, horses or insurance?? :))

Lisa: I know. Our family calls it the workings poor. Your too darn poor to afford everything that's necessary but make too much to get any kind of assistance at all. But then people that PURPOSELY HAVE 8 KIDS can get assitance, grrrrr. I have definitely heard that about walmart. I think it should be mandated that companies offer insurance after 90 days. They want the economy to get better?? If people didn't have to spend their entire checks on health stuff, they would have more money to buy other items. sheesh. Doesn't take an expert to figure that out. I'd bet my life that no less than 70% of the people in the us' major expenses are medical related.

Leah: yes, my bosses have 100% coverage which is why their premiums are so high. I don't mind higher co-pays and deductibles
if it keeps the premiums down because we are, for the most part and knock on wood, healthy. So it's not worth it to pay $1000 premiums for maybe two or three dr. visits a year.

BEC: I have wondered and actually have thought about contact an attorney before. We don't do employment law here at my office so that's an area I'm not too familiar with. If things don't go too good, I think I still might check. This was his last chance. If I had asked and he still had told me no, then I definitely would have called. See, attorneys are sneaky like that. They believe the laws don't apply to them and find and use every little loophole to get what THEY need.

Roxmysox said...

Congrats with the clipping - I had to resort to buying a smaller size to be able to get near Fally's head, I got a professional in a couple of years ago and it was awful,they had to twitch him and he sweat buckets. It was after that I bought the clippers and now I have 3 sets- small,medium and large but I can clip him without a twitch at any rate.
As for the insurance situation, I don't think I'm qualified to comment but I can tell you that ours is not the big deal that everyone seems to think it is - we have waiting lists and some treatments available in some counties and not others ( they call it the postcode lottery) people have resorted to taking the Health Trusts to court to get the drugs they want or else paying vast amounts just because they livie in the wrong place. Everyone in the country pays so the services should be equal but they aren't.
Our local Accident and Emergency hospital has a 5 hour wait as standard.

cdncowgirl said...

Hi Ezra! saw your comment on my post today, go ahead and link. Glad you liked it :)

Andrea said...

Good things happen in threes!! That is aweomse about your mare!! ANd hooray for your boss finally being understanding!! It's super expensive, but worth it in the end!!


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